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There will soon be an end to the era in which the Glazer family has owned Manchester United, although the aim to sell the club has been around for some time.

There have been several companies and individuals with “large ears” that desire to own the renowned English club because of the allure of the brand name Man United. One such organization is Manchester United.

The issue of the transfer fee, on the other hand, prevents the owners of Red Devils from finding a buying partner at this time.

It wasn’t until the end of November that the media began reporting that the Glazer family had expressed interest in selling Manchester United. Then, for the first time in the previous six years, American owners of the Old Trafford team did not get dividends from the club. The series of events that took place toward the conclusion of the year led some supporters to believe that the Glazer family had only very recently begun exploring the possibility of selling the club. Nevertheless, that is not the situation.

A video footage of a meeting that took place approximately six months ago between Man United CEO Richard Arnold and a small group of fans has just been uploaded to various social media platforms.

The director of the Red Devils confessed during this discussion that the organization was in a precarious financial situation.

As a result, the leadership of Manchester United needs to make every effort to attract financing for a wide variety of projects.

The Manchester Evening News reported at the time that there was a “fragile” desire on the part of Man United to sell some of the club’s finest players.

Richard Arnold told the crowd of followers gathered at the beer bar in an open and honest manner:

“For the sake of the future, we need to take action in order to invest in a new stadium, which will be the newest and largest training site.

We need to entice potential investors.

That is necessary for me to accomplish what I want to do for the club.

Because of this, I need more money because there isn’t a single club in the world that can afford to construct a new stadium.

You can either borrow the money or invest it, but ultimately, it must originate from somewhere.

The players cost us one billion pounds sterling.

We are the ones who have spent the most money in Europe.

The current state of affairs does not meet my expectations in any way. This is not something I find easy to do, and it worries me how we are going to solve this problem going forward. Sadly, we are no longer able to accept any more cash. You cannot come to our practice area and demand an explanation as to where the one billion pounds is hidden.

This is due to the fact that in the past we did not spend our money wisely.

I’m not going to stand in between you and Joel Glazer.

It is necessary for him to speak for himself.

However, I value the fact that you came all the way here to share your viewpoint since you took the time to do so.

We managed to waste a significant sum of money.”

Since the Glazer family bought Manchester United through financial leverage in 2005 for a total price of £ 790 million, they have been granted full ownership of the club. Over the course of the past 17 years, American owners have consistently been accused of seeking to “milk the milk” of the Manchester United brand.

According to the available data, the Glazer family is the owner of the club in the English Premier League that generates the greatest amount of revenue overall.

Because of this, supporters of Manchester United have regularly sent messages requesting that the Glazer family sell the club and turn ownership back over to the supporters who truly care about the Red Devils.

A survey of 1,200 people found that up to 98% of respondents agreed with the Glazer family’s choice to sell Manchester United. Even still, almost 55 percent of fans considered the management style of the US wealthy family that managed the Old Trafford team to be a “disaster.” Among the potential buyers of Manchester United, the name Sir Jim Ratcliffe is currently garnering the most support among Red Devils supporters.

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