Man Utd fans ‘cursed’ when comparing Rashford’s goal to Messi’s masterpiece

Marcus Rashford scored a fantastic goal for Manchester United in the League Cup. A fan of the “red devils” boldly compared it to Diego Maradona’s famous “goal of the century” and Lionel Messi’s masterpiece.

A Manchester United fan was cruelly mocked for comparing Marcus Rashford’s goal to Diego Maradona’s iconic miracle goal against England and his superb strike. Lionel Messi.

Last week, Rashford scored a beautiful goal to set a 2-0 score for MU against Burnley in the 1/8 round of the League Cup (Carabao Cup or EFL Cup). Rashford shot the ball from the middle of the field on the right wing into the box and then passed a Burnley player with a decisive finish diagonally into the net.

Rashford Һit the ball fast on the right wing and scored against Burnley. PHOTO: DAILY STAR

It was a very beautiful goal, so it’s easy to see why Rashford received many compliments from fans on social media. But a MU fan in excitement took things too far. Twitter account UTDMaestrro posted a picture comparing Rashford’s goal with that of two Argentine legends, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

Twitter account UTDMaestrro ‘wrote a comment’: ‘Marcus Rashford’s solo goal against Burnley is as good as Diego Maradona’s goal against England and Lionel Messi’s solo goal’.

But the bold comparison made this fan immediately receive a series of backlash from other fans. One Twitter user wrote: ‘Rashford passed one player, how many did Maradona and Messi pass? Don’t make comments that embarrass fans like that.”

Another asserted: ‘That’s the most embarrassing comparison I’ve ever seen’. The third wrote: ‘Honestly. It’s not like other goals’. The fourth said simply: ‘What a shame’.

A fan received a lot of ‘brick’ for comparing Rashford’s goal to the goals of Messi and Maradona. PHOTO: TWITTER

The three goals of Rashford, Maradona and Messi all have in common are the fast sloping phases on the right before rushing straight into the penalty area to score. However, Rashford only surpassed one Burnley player, and Messi and Maradona both surpassed many opposing players and goalkeepers. Two Argentine legends created similar goals despite decades apart.

Notably, Diego Maradona’s goal is considered the ‘goal of the century’ because it came in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup, a match in which Maradona scored both goals to help Argentina beɑt England 2-1, and at the same time, Maradona scored both goals. went straight to the World Cup title that year.

Both of Maradona’s goals against England in the quarter-finals of Mexico 86 are unforgettable goals in football history. It has both the beauty of an angel and… a demon. Maradona created an enchanting goal with a solo move past 4.5 England players and also the goalkeeper before scoring. It was voted the most beautiful goal in World Cup history.

Maradona’s goal is considered the most beautiful in World Cup history. PHOTO: GETTY

While the other table is considered a stain in the history of the World Cup, although it is equally famous. People called it ‘goal with the hand of God’ when Diego Maradona jumped to push the ball into England’s net. With limited technology at that time, Maradona’s goal is still recognized, causing the British to hate until now.


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