Man Utd determines to pay a ‘colossal fee’ to sign France’s ‘Legend’ with ‘high salary’ than ever

After realizing that the star of the Bundesliga can go for only £27 million, Manchester United is ready to make a move in the summer to capture a new right-back target. They are targeting the player who is currently playing for Bayern Munich. As a result of the report, Manchester United is getting ready to take action. Because you now have access to this knowledge, this is more applicable to your situation than it ever was before.

It was speculated on Friday that Manchester United would be able to sign the defender Benjamin Pavard from Bayern Munich for the price of £26.8 million this summer. This would result in a significant reduction in expenditures for Manchester United.

As a result of Joao Cancelo’s transfer from Manchester City, sources claim that Pavard is mulling over the possibility of leaving the Bundesliga powerhouse at the conclusion of the current campaign. The present contract that Pavard has with the Bundesliga giants is set to end in the year 2024. Pavard would leave shortly after Joao Cancelo was transferred to one of the premier clubs in the Bundesliga. It was anticipated that Cancelo would arrive shortly after Pavard, who was going to depart.

According to Sport 1, if a price of £26.8 million was made for the footballer, his current club in Germany would consider moving him to another team. It would appear that this number is more than sufficient for a player who possesses the degree of expertise that Pavard has previously demonstrated.

It is said that Chelsea, Barcelona, and Inter Milan are all interested in signing the defender, which means that the Red Devils will have to compete with a lot of other teams in order to secure his services. Therefore, the Red Devils will need to put in much more effort to ensure that they retain his services.

Reportedly, Pavard has his sights set on playing for the football squad at Barcelona, which is his top option. On the other hand, it is predicted that Manchester United will be in a position to make a financial offer that is substantially more alluring than the one that was presented by the titans of Catalonia.

Erik ten Hag is aiming to enhance his position at right back in order to make it more difficult for Diogo Dalot to perform his duties at right back. This is the reality, despite the fact that Aaron Wan-Bissaka has been producing at a level that prompted Manchester United to spend £50 million on him.

The manner in which Wan plays the game, on the other hand, continues to convey the idea that Ten Hag anticipates a higher level of offensive prowess from his full-backs. Here is where Bissaka Bissaka’s wan game fails to provide the goods.

The former great player for Stuttgart has been a big contributor throughout his career at Bayern Munich, accumulating 20 goals and 143 assists throughout the course of his time with the club. He used to play for the Bayern Munich team in the past.

Even though Julian Nagelsmann does not utilize him as much as he formerly did in the starting lineup, he has nevertheless participated in 24 games and contributed four assists so far this season. This is the case despite the fact that he has played for the team.


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