Man United determine to batte for 17y/o World Cup star striker at ‘any cost’ with Liverpool


Both Manchester United and Liverpool are expected to compete for the services of a promising young striker who will represent Qatar in the 2018 World Cup.

According to many rumors, the next competition for the services of Youssoufa Moukoko, a promising player for Borussia Dortmund, would involve Manchester United and Liverpool.

The striker made headlines when he was 13 years old since he played in Dortmund’s Under-17 side. His goal-scoring heroics at juvenile level are incredible; Moukoko scored 141 goals in 88 games for Dortmund’s under-17 and under-19 sides combined.

This season, the forward has been outstanding for Dortmund’s first squad while Sebastian Haller has been sidelined with an injury.


The German forward has scored six times in the Bundesliga so far this season, a performance that has caught the attention of a number of the most prestigious clubs in Europe.

A match between Manchester United and Liverpool

Moukoko, who will turn 18 later this month, is reportedly of interest to both Liverpool and Manchester United, who are both reportedly in the running to sign him.

However, the publication asserts that who is hired as Moukoko’s agent could have an impact on whether or not attempts are made to entice the young player to play in the Premier League.


A move to England is rumored to be more likely if the player signs with Unique Sports Group or the organization that was previously run by Mino Raiola, who passed away. Bild also asserts that the signing of Moukoko would require an investment of £26 million.

However, Dortmund would like to keep the 17-year-old and is keeping their fingers crossed that they will be able to extend his current deal, which is set to expire in the summer of 2019.

Favored to win the World Cup

A significant portion of the media in Germany is advocating for Moukoko to be selected for the Germany team that will compete in the World Cup.

Corni Küpper, a commentator for Bild, said that Hansi Flick ought to take Moukoko to the World Cup after Moukoko scored a brace over the weekend to become the youngest player in the history of the Bundesliga to score double figures. Moukoko’s accomplishment made him the youngest player to ever reach that milestone.

In the meantime, this week the German publication Kicker is debating whether Moukoko or Niclas Füllkrug should be called up to the national team. Füllkrug leads the Bundesliga in scoring.

It was reported that Moukoko had a conversation with Germany manager Hansi Flick the previous Thursday, one week before Die Mannschaft was announced.

Moukoko has reveαled the following about the conversation: “He said that I should just keep going, that they watch everything, and in the end, those who perform will be there.”

It’s hard to believe that Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez have already had such a productive partnership after just 10 Premier League games.

Mohamed Salah is a player who has remarkable consistency. The ability to consistently perform well on the field is what differentiates the best players from those who are simply very excellent at the sport.

The Egyptian has scored at least 23 goals in every season he has played for Liverpool, despite the fact that he was never going to repeat the 44-goal haul he accumulated in his debut season with the club. Salah should be able to reach that milestone once again by the middle of June, since he already has 14 under his belt before the halfway point of 2022/23.

Assists are a little bit more random, but despite the fact that he only received six in the 2020/21 season, the once of Roma player has reached double figures in assists in each of the other four entire seasons he has spent with Liverpool. During his time on Merseyside, he has been responsible for 63 assists, which is more than any other player at the club has ever produced.

In a nutshell, even during his poorest season, he was still directly involved in scoring 35 goals. Salah is a sensation, and regardless of what he does from this point forward, he will forever be remembered as one of Liverpool’s all-time greats. The fact that he maintains a performance level that is extremely comparable regardless of who he is playing with is a significant contributor to his amazing consistency.

It is feasible to examine the predicted goals that different pairings of players in the Premier League create for each other by using the data that is provided by Understat. For example, the chance that Andy Robertson created for Roberto Firmino to score the first goal in their recent 3-1 victory over Southampton was worth 0.03 expected goals (xG). This contributed to their overall total, which is now at 8.8, the seventh most of any Liverpool combination since the summer of 2017. This places them seventh in the league.

However, in comparison to many other pairs, this duo has logged significantly more playing time together. They are positioned substantially lower in the standings thanks to their average of 0.07 predicted goals per 90 minutes. Salah is included in each of the top seven combinations (among those that have a sufficient number of examples), and his steadiness shines through.

Together with Firmino, he has contributed 0.169 xG per 90 minutes on average. The numbers go up to 0.172 when Diogo Jota is brought in, 0.173 when Xherdan Shaqiri and Sadio Mane are brought in, 0.178 when Philippe Coutinho is brought in, and 0.179 when Daniel Sturridge is brought in. During his time with Liverpool, Salah has worked closely with all of the club’s most talented forwards, and their interactions fall within a narrow range of just 0.01-0.01.

till such time as we reach Darwin Nunez. Together, he and Salah have produced 0.363 anticipated goals every 90 minutes, which is more than double what any of the other partnerships mentioned above offered. To put it another way, the Uruguayan has achieved a score that is 0.02 points higher than the total score achieved by Firmino and Mane, which is unfathomable.

There is not the slightest doubt that the numbers will level down. For example, Nunez has only shared the field with Salah for five percent of the total playing time that Mane has logged with Salah. On the other hand, there are reasons to believe that the figures won’t completely fall apart either.

Salah provided the assist for Nunez’s first goal in the Premier League, which was scored at Fulham. The ball that Liverpool’s number 11 attempted to make did, in fact, take a deflection, which meant that he did not receive credit for helping to create the opportunity. Because of how valuable the opportunity was, every pair will have experienced times like these, but if we add this chance to their total, their average climbs to 0.452 every 90 minutes. This illustrates how valuable the chance was (0.58 xG).

The fact that it is a fairly equitable partnership, with each player being able to create openings for the other, is another thing that works in their favor as a combination of factors. Salah has created six opportunities for Nunez that are collectively worth 1.09 xG, and Nunez, who was signed during the summer, has sent five chances in the opposite direction that are worth 1.27 xG. Remember that these statistics only apply to the league, and that the 30-year-old player has also created open scoring opportunities for his younger teammate in other competitions, including matches against Manchester City and Rangers.

It is quite improbable that the two will continue to play together for a period of time that will allow them to set new partnership records or become as well-known as other famous duos, such as John Toshack and Kevin Keegan or Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush. Salah and Nunez have only played ten league games together, but their mutual understanding and ability to set each other up for success will help Liverpool achieve many more victories in the years to come.


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