Man captures UFO as he sees “white dot” in sky while filming plane over airport

Astunned man said he saw a “white dot“ hovering in the skies just after the plane he was filming descended onto Glasgow Airport - the light then disappeared a few moments later

A man claimed he captured the moment he saw an UFO in the skies as he filmed a plane landing.

The perplexed Scot said he was stunned to see the alleged extraterrestrial visitor come into view as he took a video of an airplane arriving at Glasgow airport.

He said he was filming the plane from his home in nearby Erskine, Renfrewshire, when he saw a “white light” in the distance on July 16.

The eagle-eyed man said he saw the peculiar white dot hovering in the sky just as after the plane descended at about 8pm, the Daily Record reports.

Capturing the moment on camera, the shocked resident claimed the bright light stopped for a few moments before disappearing behind the clouds.

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Man captures UFO as he sees “white dot” in sky while filming plane over airport 1

The Scot said he saw the white light as a plane descended onto Glasgow Airport at about 8pm on Friday

The clear night made for excellent conditions which helped draw his attention to the alleged extraterrestrial visitors.

There are regular reports of people sighting UFOs all around the world, with many wanting to believe there is life beyond Earth and that aliens really do exist.

Some of the most recent sightings include one by Shaneika Joyner and her six-year-old daughter India, who claimed they spotted a strange object in the sky while waiting at traffic lights on Highway 52 in Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA.

Shaneika filmed the sighting on July 1, and the video clip shows a dark object floating in the sky before it appeared to twist while in mid-air, and disappeared behind trees a few seconds later.

Her daughter said in the video: “Oh my Go‌d, is something in there? Is it a ship?”.

Man captures UFO as he sees “white dot” in sky while filming plane over airport 2

Drones are often used to film spot peculiar phenomena in the skies (Image: Getty Images)

The 41-year-old mum later explained she was left “in awe” by the object, and denied the possibility of it simply being a plastic bag that got caught in the wind.

While in a separate recent sighting a star gazer captured ten mysterious black objects hovering around the Space Station above the Southern Atlantic Ocean.

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It prompted conspiracy theorists to wonder if, due to their pattern above the Southern Atlantic Ocean, they could be UFO s which are following the Space Station.

The footage from the NASA live stream show orb-like objects which have caused plenty of discussion among space enthusiasts on social media.

UFO investigator “Mr MBB333” has shared a screenshot taken by the star gazer of the “ten unknown space objects” travelling with the station.


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