Luxury travel habits make Messi criticized

Regularly traveling by private plane, football superstar Lionel Messi is opposed for polluting the environment.

As the world’s highest-paid player in 2021, Messi is well-equipped to enjoy services only available to the rich, such as traveling by private jet.

To serve the needs of traveling a lot, the celebrity bought a 2004 Gulfstream V private jet for $ 15 million. The aircraft includes two kitchens and bathrooms, and can accommodate up to 16 passengers.

The tail of the plane is printed with the number 10 – his number from his time playing for FC Barcelona. On the steps leading to the plane, Messi printed the name of his wife, Antonella, and the names of the children: Mateo, Ciro, Thiego.

Airplanes are the main means of transport

However, this is also a problem that makes him criticized by a part. Specifically, according to L’脡quipe statistics, Messi’s private plane made 52 flights within 3 months (from June 1 to August 31) this year.

This makes environmental advocates unhappy. The French press also pointed out that the emissions from Messi’s private jet trips amount to about 1,502 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to what the average French person emits in 150 years.

14 of the 52 flights above are transatlantic flights. The rest includes 30 transcontinental flights and 8 domestic flights.

Messi’s travel schedule moves a lot between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the US, mainly going to and from the coastal city of Miami (Florida state). In addition, the football star also went to Uruguay, Brazil. Last summer, a total of Messi used a private plane to go to Barcelona (Spain) 7 times.

Between June and mid-July, Messi travels with his family during the summer break or goes on vacation with close friends including players Luis Suarez and Cesc Fabregas.

Climate influence

According to a Time report, aviation remains one of the biggest causes of the climate crisis. In particular, the greatest impact is caused by a small group of individuals, accounting for a small percentage – the wealthy fly private jets.

The report also notes the climate impact caused by the superyachts of the super-rich, which generate a significant amount of carbon emissions.

According to a 2016 study, private jets are responsible for about 4% of total aviation emissions each year. It is estimated that this group of vehicles emit more than 33 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the emissions of Denmark.

Because private jets carry so few people, they pollute 5 to 14 times more than commercial planes, per passenger, and 50 times more polluted than trains.

According to climate change advocates, the Argentinian is entitled to privileges based on his earnings, but Messi needs to rethink the negative impact his vehicle has on the environment. outside.

Jack Sweeney, the creator of the Celebrity Jets account, which uses data from a company that tracks aircraft transponders, said: “I’m not surprised people get upset, they have every right to be angry because this”.

In October, the PSG club – where Messi is playing – was also criticized by the director of a French railway company. After the match against Nantes club away, the PSG players took a flight back to Paris, according to World Soccer Talk.

According to the railway official, it only takes nearly 3 hours to take the train from Nantes to Paris. However, the PSG leadership still chose to travel by plane because the train was not available at night, after the match ended.

Although the director of the railway company suggested changing the starting time frame to help PSG start early, the team did not want the players to have to sleep an extra night at the hotel.

As explained by PSG, sleep is important in football. With the intensity of training and the dense pitch, the players need to ensure their fitness and avoid insomnia. Therefore, the sleep and rest of the team members take precedence over the longer travel by train.

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