Lose faith in Lindelof, Man Utd decided to make a bold move by signing ‘Cannavaro 2.0’

Manchester United are reportedly “prepared for an invasion” to recruit Kim Min-jae, a defender who now plays for Napoli, and they want to sign him during the forthcoming summer transfer window. Kim Min-jae currently plays for the Italian club.

It is possible that Manchester United will come to lament the fact that they did not acquire Min-jae during the summer before last, when he was available for a fee of only €18 million.

Instead, the Italian club Napoli was successful in luring him away from the Turkish team Fenerbache and integrating him into their system. Napoli is now responsible for his development.

Even though this is the center defender’s first season playing in Serie A, he has already established himself as an exceptional value for the team. This season is the center defender’s debut in Serie A.

The 26-year-old player is regarded as one of the best signings of the season because of his contributions to Napoli’s surge to the top of the league in Serie A. He is considered one of the best signings because of his contributions.

The current season has been filled with “wonderful things” for Min-jae, according to Emanuele Calaio, who played forward for Napoli in the past.

Calaio said, “I was quite skeptical because I didn’t think above all that Koulibaly’s absence could be made up for, but instead Kim is doing great things.” Kim is making up for Koulibaly’s absence by accomplishing remarkable things. “I had a lot of reason to be suspicious because, first and foremost, I didn’t anticipate that Koulibaly’s absence could be made up for in any way.”

He is a player who is eager to learn, picks things up quickly, and follows Spalletti’s instructions, according to the coach. “He follows Spalletti’s instructions to the letter.” For his team, the coach is definitely making a difference.

Min-jae has been playing so brilliantly lately that there have been whispers that he would leave Napoli soon.

Harry Maguire is rumored to be considering leaving the club at some point in 2019, thus it makes sense that United would be interested in him as a potential successor.

Tuttomercatoweb has just revealed that Manchester United is “serious” about wanting to sign the defender.

There have been speculations that “there has been contact” with PSG, but English clubs are giving the French club a lot of competition. It has been said that “especially” Manchester United is interested.

They also say that, in preparation for the summer transfer window, United is “warming up their engines and getting ready to attack the player.”

Min-current jae’s contract with Napoli is set to end in 2025, and according to reports, it has a €50 million release clause.

The article also says that Napoli “wants to get rid of or raise the 50 million euro clause that applies abroad.”

Given that offers “will not fail to materialize” in the upcoming months, it would appear that the Serie A club wants to act quickly to increase their chances of keeping the “jewel.”

Manchester United is not expected to generate much revenue in January after spending more than £200 million on new players over the summer.

It has been reported that they would look to the loan market to find a temporary replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo after failing to sign Cody Gakpo from Liverpool and losing out to the Reds in the process.

Only Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford remain as options for the forward position following the departure of the forward.

According to early reports, Atletico Madrid forward Alvaro Morata “remains an option” for the Red Devils.



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