Look inside the Las Vegas Grand Prix’s most expensive packages, they’re all ‘crazγ’

This year’s Las Vegas Grand Prix attendance is improbable unless we win millions of dollars on a scratch-off card next week. It is anticipated that the event would generate twice as much revenue as the Super Bowl. And this is not sᴜrprising when one considers the costs of some of these ticket packages

Perhaps if we form a large organization and pool our funds? No, still inaccessible. But it is pleasant to dream. Here are a some of the outrageously pricey Las Vegas packages you can fantasize about purchasing.

The Emperor package: $5 million

No, this is not a misprint. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. In addition, you receive a tremendous value. Ha.

The package includes five nights in the Nobu Sky Villa at Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, a large, luxurious luxury villa with three bedrooms and a terrace overlooking the Las Vegas strip. The terrace, which can accommodate up to 75 guests, offers breathtaking views of the racetrack.

In addition, 12 paddock tickets and access to a VIP Caesars Entertainment club where you can watch all the racing action are included. Naturally, you also receive a personal chauffeur and Rolls Royce for the duration of your stay. A selection of spa services for six guests, a VIP host, and concert tickets to see Adele. Bargain.

Wynn Las Vegas package: $1 million

This package gives a “next-level experience” for a fraction of the cost, in case $5 million is out of your budget or you don’t have that many pals to enjoy it with. It provides six VIPs with access to unique Wynn race week events, such as the Wynn Grid Club, which is located within the F1 Paddock Club.

Aside from the racing, you will have a luxurious stay in a three-bedroom duplex, dine at the Delilah with a menu specially picked for you and your guests, play as much golf as you like, and receive any spa or salon services you like.

Transportation to and from the airport is provided. Thank heavens!

The Lucky 888 package: $888,000

I appreciate how they market this item. The all-inclusive package offered by Resorts World Las Vegas is ideal for “first-class race enthusiasts.” Fancy. The 888 experience represents good fortune and puts you at the center of the action throughout the weekend. You may cheer on your favorite drivers from Paddock Club seats, revel at Private F1 weekend activities, and unwind in the opulent Crockfords’ Palace each day and night.

This package also includes one palace suite, one entourage suite, four superior rooms, six paddock club tickets, ten grandstand seats, and eight meet-and-greet tickets for drivers. If only we had the funds!

Augustus Premium Suite package: $115,331

Okay, you’ve realized that you and your closest friend will be attending the Las Vegas Grand Prix alone. You do not need a large, luxurious villa for two people. The Augustus premium suite elevates your hotel experience to a whole new level. This magnificent residence with a king bed, living room, separate lounging space, and dining room is available for four nights.

Yes, the price includes the F1 Paddock Club and two Las Vegas Grand Prix tickets. However, you will be required to pay extra for wifi.

The Venetian Tower package: $8,857

Obviously, there are ways to accomplish things on the cheap, and this package is ideal for the ordinary fan — I hope you get the joke.

This over $9000 package includes three nights in a stunning luxury king bedroom at The Venetian Tower and two grandstand seats for the event itself. It includes daily meals and non-alcoholic beverages. This one isn’t quite as awful as the others, but it will still smash the bank.

It is important to note that there are cheaper alternatives to attend the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The lowest 3-day general admission ticket we could find cost $500, while the cheapest three-night lodging within touching distance of Vegas cost at least $1500.

I know we’ve made jokes about the price tag, but these packages are guaranteed to sell out because people are prepared to spend that much for what will undoubtedly be the most popular event on the calendar.

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