Liverpool told why £200m for Jude Bellingham would still be ‘good value’

England midfielder Jude Bellingham’s value is rising by the day as Borussia Dortmund look set to maximise their profits

Darragh MacAnthony, the chairman of Peterborough United and a die-hard Liverpool supporter, thinks Jude Bellingham would still be ‘excellent value’ even if he were to cost more than £200 million.

Yesterday, when England defeated Senegal 3-0 in the World Cup round of 16, the Borussia Dortmund midfielder’s value may have increased much more. After picking up a loose ball in midfield to set up Harry Kane’s 2-0 before halftime goal, it was his incisive run and cutback that connected with Reds captain Jordan Henderson for the first goal on the 38th minute.

Phil Foden, a standout for Manchester City, said of Bellingham yesterday night: “One of the most gifted players I’ve ever seen.” Jamie Carragher afterwards compared Bellingham’s breakout season to Paul Gascoigne’s during Italia ’90. Fair praise, therefore, for the young man, and a promising time for Dortmund, who will try to get the most out of the meager £20 million they paid for him in 2020.

And according to MacAnthony, that profit may increase ten-fold, and Bellingham might become the first midfielder to earn more than £200 million, surpassing only Paris Saint-2017 Germain’s acquisition of Neymar. The Posh chairman was still of the opinion that any prospective suitors would receive “excellent value” from the transaction.

As he tweeted: “The first £200 million CM transfer fee may have been paid for this Jude youngster. For the next 15 years, whomever signs him could have a player of the highest caliber. Calculate that annually (good deal).”

In response to a remark regarding Bellingham’s price, he also stated: “The average way bill for a top club is over £300 million, so paying 8% of that amount per year for a player who will soon be one of the top 5 players in the world to play in your midfield is a bargain, not to mention that half of it will be offset by the player’s commercial income. Generative talent!”

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