Liverpool legend goalkeeper go down the history with incredible achievement

Pepe Reina h/i/t an incredible milestone in his career when his team b/e/a/t Cadiz on May 25.

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina kept a clean sheet in Villarreal’s 2-0 win over Cadiz in the 36th round of La Liga. This is the match to celebrate Reina’s 1,000th appearance in her career.

“ I feel very grateful and fortunate to have reached this milestone. I’ve always loved what I do. To share the s/e/c/r/e/t to getting to the 1000th game, I can only s/a/y to give it a go and be as professional as possible,” said Reina.

Not only Pepe Reina, but the list of players with a 4-digit number of appearances also include Xavi, Iker Casillas, and Roberto Carlos. Peter Shilton holds the record for the most matches played by a male player (1500 matches).

Of Reina’s 1,000 matches, 394 Spaniards are playing for Liverpool. Another former Liverpool goalkeeper, Ray Clemence, is also on the list with Reina. The late English player has reached the milestone of 1,200 games.

While still on the staff of Liverpool, Pepe Reina won the European Super Cup, and FA Cup, and reached the 2007 Champions League final. On a personal level, the 40-year-old goalkeeper has won the Premier League Golden Glove award 3 times in 3 seasons. consecutive awards 2005/2006, 2006/2007, and 2007/2008.

Bruno Fernandes openly mocks Liverpool

In the exchange posted on the homepage of Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes had remarkable sharing about Manchester United entering the Top 4.

Bruno Fernandes admits he is happy that Liverpool can’t make it into the Top 4, but most importantly, Manchester United have achieved their target. The Portuguese star shared:

“We knew that win meant a lot to the team. It was important to achieve the goals, and we did. We are happy that Liverpool are not in the game. Top 4. But for us, it’s all about reaching the best possible version of ourselves.”

“It’s good because we want more. But for what we need this season, it’s great. We had one title, the top four, that was the goal after we realized we couldn’t make it to the Premier League. And, now, it’s important to finish the tournament well and win the FA Cup final.”

“The fans are amazing. We’ve won many games at home. I think it’s great that they create a big atmosphere and they know how important they are to us.”

Salah was completely devastated when MU won tickets to the Champions League

On his page, Mohamed Salah has his share after Liverpool failed in the b/a/t/t/l/e for Champions League tickets with Man Utd

Man Utd just destroyed Chelsea with a score of 4-1 right at Old Trafford. The victory helped the Red Devils climb to 3rd place in the Premier League table and ended all hopes of Liverpool’s pursuit.

The Kop made a strong comeback at the end of the season, but could not get tickets to the Champions League. This is a huge disappointment for Mohamed Salah and his teammates.

From being a candidate to win the Premier League, the Anfield team ended the season with a place in the Europa League.

Writing on his page after Man Utd’s win over Chelsea, Salah expressed: ” I am completely devastated. There is no excuse for this defeat. We already have everything we need to qualify for the Champions League. League next year but we failed.

We are Liverpool and qualifying for the Champions League is the bare minimum. We have let you down and we.”

The Kop will likely make a strong reform after this season. They need additional personnel to come back stronger.

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