Liverpool hero Danny is confident England can win World Cup if Gareth Southgate does one thing

Danny Murphy, a Liverpool legend, is convinced that England will win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Murphy argues, though, that Gareth Southgate must continue to believe in the quality of his forwards and allow them to play like they do in the Premier League.


The Three Lions got off to a strong start in Qatar with a 6-2 thrashing of Iran in their opening match and will look to keep the momentum going tonight against the United States.

Murphy, who earned nine England caps, was skeptical before to the commencement of the tournament due to England’s dismal streak of six matches and relegation from the Nations League’s elite division.

However, the former midfielder thinks that there is nothing to ƭear, particularly in light of Argentina and Germany’s sɦocking losses to Saudi Arabia and Japan, respectively.

The former Liverpool, Tottenham, and Fulham star, though, feels Southgate must let his attackers to reach their full potential, just as they do for Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United.

Murphy told Lord Ping, “Before the tournament, I was a bit skeptical due to our recent form and the facт that we had a few injuries to key players and players who hadn’t been playing much.


“When I say sceptical, I didn’t think we would go out in the group, I wasn’t convinced we had enough quality to win it.

“Looking at what I’ve already seen, there’s nothing to ƭear.

“We are capable of winning this World Cup, that’s for sure, and I didn’t believe that until the last few days after seeing some of the teams that have been built up as favourites.

“How many Argentina players would get in our team? Maybe two, three at the most. There’s nothing to ƭear.

“I think Southgate needs to maintain the belief in how good we are.

“If he maintains the belief with our forward players, our energy and ability to be creative, play on the front foot, the way our players like to play, like most of them do at club level, then I think we might be able to do it.

“I think if we become too cautious or pragmatic, I think it plays into the hands of whoever we come up against.

“The players in the team don’t play like that for their club teams.

“City don’t play that way. Liverpool and Arsenal don’t play that way, United don’t play that way now under [Erik] Ten Hag.

“I don’t think we should play any other way. Why play in a manner the players are not used to playing for their clubs?

“Why send a message to your opponent that says we’re showing you too much respect by playing five at the back?

“There’s no one really that I’ve seen that we should be ꜱcared of. Don’t get me wrong, watching [Kylian] Mbappe vs Australia, wow, wow, wow, what a player he is, but he is only one player.

“I actually thought that Australia created quite a few opportunities against France, they were caught wide open at times, but maybe that’s because the French team took its foot of the gas, who knows.

“The reality is that this group of England players is suρer talented and looks really confident.

“You need a bit of luck along the way, in tournament football, the best teams don’t always win the tournament.

Danny Murphy says England boss Gareth Soutgate has to let his attackers play their gameCredit: The Sun

“In facт, rarely does the best team win the tournament because somewhere along the line, something will go against you. In a one off game, you can’t recover.

“Tournament football at international level is one off games in a knock out format, it’s different from the Champions League where a lot of teams get to the latter stages because they have two games and can correct any mistakes.

“Looking back at international tournaments, there are always moments that change games – [Wayne] Rooney getting sent off against Portugal, [David] Beckham getting sent off.

“I think England win those games without those incidents.

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