Lisandro Martinez Honestly named his best partner in the Defender position

In the absence of Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez believes that his relationship with Victor Lindelof at center defense for Manchester United is complementary to that of Lindelof and Lindelof. The center defender positions for Manchester United’s starting lineup are held by Victor Lindelof and Victor Lindelof.

Martinez’s three goals scored on Wednesday against Nottingham Forest in the first leg of the EFL Cup semi-final all came with assists from other players. Martinez was one of those players. Lindelof, who is a defender for the club and also plays for Sweden when the team is on the international scene, Both of the players showed that they are capable of advancing the ball forward while also defending against the opposing team by working together to prevent the home team from scoring at any point during the evening. This demonstrates that the players are able to advance the ball forward while also defending against the opposing team.

Lindelof has been selected to play from the opening position in eight cup games, including both the EFL Cup and the Europa League. This is despite the fact that he has only started four games in the Premier League so far this season. In addition to this, it was determined that he would play alongside Varane in the capacity of a replacement while Varane took some time off to heal. This role would require him to play alongside Varane. Harry Maguire, who is the captain of the club, will not be participating in the upcoming game. This is because Harry Maguire will not be traveling with the team.

This month, the club brought in Wout Weghorst on loan in order to offer competition for Anthony Martial after Cristiano Ronaldo departed the club. This was done in order to fill the void left by Ronaldo’s departure. Wednesday was the day that Weghorst got his first goal for the club. In spite of the fact that United’s lack of options in their central striking position is well-known, they have depth across the rest of their team, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the center of their defense. Despite this, United is a formidable club to compete against.

Martinez, who is currently Varane’s first-choice defensive partner, has taken over as the club captain as a direct result of Maguire’s move to Real Madrid. Maguire’s departure allowed Martinez to become the club captain. Martinez has also taken on the responsibilities that were belonged to Maguire. Lindelof is an additional respectable possibility that might be taken into account, despite the fact that Phil Jones has not yet competed for this club while Ten Hag has been the head coach.

Martinez, who won the World Cup with Argentina, praised Lindelof’s assured performance against Forest after the game. Martinez was referring to Lindelof’s performance in the match against Forest. Martinez was a key member of Argentina’s team that won the World Cup. Martinez followed by emphasizing on the fact that he and Lindelof interact during practice and that their respective skill sets complement one another. He said this to highlight the fact that their respective skill sets complement one another.

Martinez stated, “I think we showed many positive things, but we still have a lot to improve,” following their victory on Wednesday night. “I think we showed many positive things.” When Martinez said it, he was talking about the overall performance of the squad. “”The result was satisfying, and there is no question in my mind that we dominated the action on this particular day,” I believe that we displayed a great level of brilliance. “The result was satisfying.” Both he and Lindelof work together across the length of the practice, and I believe that we are performing the responsibilities that have been assigned to us in a suitable manner as a result of our efforts.”

In the event that both Varane and Martinez regain their health and are able to contribute to United’s lineup, it is unlikely that Lindelof will be given a starting role on a consistent basis for the club. Despite this, the former player for Benfica has not done anything that would make it less likely for United to sign him as a free agent. The fact that United’s starting center defenders get along well with each other outside of the game is yet another positive indicator for the team’s chances of success. Another positive sign for the team is that they have accomplished this.

“It is very evident that we are moving in the appropriate way with this!” On Instagram, Varane captioned a picture of him enjoying the victory alongside Martinez, David de Gea, and Diogo Dalot with the phrase “Bringing three points back to Manchester.” A caption with the hashtag “#MANCITY” was added to the image after it was uploaded. After that, Martinez sent his appreciation to the person via electronic mail by writing, “What a pleasure it is to play by your side brother.”

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand saw them together and was immediately impressed by how well they got along with one another. After observing how harmoniously they interacted with one another, he said that they “nearly seemed like the perfect match.” Because they have made a reputation for themselves among the fans at Old Trafford this season, Ten Hag’s plans for Maguire’s return to the team will require him to cover a lot of territory before they can be implemented.

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