‘Like’: Moises Caicedo gave a good signal about his transfer to Liverpool 

The ғᴀᴄᴛ that Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo appeared to “like” a tweet that mentioned a transfer to Liverpool adds gasoline to the fire of transfer rumors surrounding the Reds.

After reportedly “liking” a tweet that says he wants to join Liverpool, Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo has added gasoline to the fire surrounding rumors that he wants to move there.

The Ecuadorian international football player’s name has been mentioned in connection with a possible transfer to Anfield for several weeks now, and those rumors have only gotten stronger since the January transfer market started.

Caicedo is thought to have a price tag of £60 million, and it has been ʀᴜᴍᴏᴜʀᴇᴅ that Graham Potter, who once managed Brighton, is interested in bringing the bright kid to Chelsea in order to improve his midfield options.

Supporters of Liverpool who pay close attention to social media discovered that a 21-year-old player had liked a tweet addressed to him that read, “Liverpool awaits you, Champion.”

Caicedo made the switch to the Premier League over the summer and has had an immediate impact since making the move. As a result, several of the top teams in the league are keeping tabs on the midfielder.

Caicedo would unquestionably be an upgrade for Liverpool’s midfield, which is one of the reasons why Jude Bellingham has been identified as the club’s primary transfer target. However, Jurgen Klopp is aware that he needs more than just the England international.

Forget Amrabat – Angers star is the ‘key’ for Klopp to compete in EPL, complete copy of Fabinho

Throughout the World Cup, there were rumors that Liverpool was interested in signing Sofyan Amrabat; however, they may have missed the obvious. The ᴛʜᴇꜰᴛ of a Leeds transfer would be profitable for the firm.

There is no magic bullet that will cure Liverpool’s issues in the middle of the field. It is easy to diagnose the condition based on the symptoms. The Reds are suffering from a lack of depth, and there is only one thing that can remedy the situation: reinforcement (s).

Jürgen Klopp has acknowledged that his team has suffered in the region of the midfield, and Liverpool simply needs more choices there in order to give coverage and solidity in this position. According to Blood Red, Jurgen Klopp stated that his team needs to win more ‘challenges’ if they want to be successful after Liverpool’s match against Wolverhampton, which ended in a draw.

However, without an additional addition to the Liverpool squad, this is not going to miraculously materialize out of thin air in any way shape or form. The issue has persisted throughout the entire season, and considering that Liverpool hasn’t discovered an internal solution to the problem in the past half a year, it’s clear that they need assistance from a third party in order to resolve it.

After acquiring Cody Gakpo, a player who performed admirably in the World Cup, Liverpool may have discovered their answer to their problem in Morocco’s Azzedine Ounahi, a star who emerged onto the world stage during the World Cup in Qatar. Cody Gakpo performed admirably in the World Cup.

Ounahi was one of the most popular figures in Qatar, despite the ғᴀᴄᴛ that Sofyan Amrabat received the majority of the press attention. He distinguished out not only because of his poise and technical proficiency on the ball, but also because of his boundless energy and defensive work rate. He showed all of the fundamental characteristics that Klopp wants to see in his midfield players, such as being able to advance the ball and make runs from the middle of the field while also being efficient at pestering his opponents.

The most essential aspect of Ounahi’s performance at the World Cup is that he was very successful in winning his challenges. According to FBref, Ounahi won an amazing 77.8 percent of his disputed tackles, which he accomplished while averaging 1.43 defensive challenges per 90. These stats were not able to be matched by his teammate Amrabat, who has been suggested as a potential answer to Fabinho’s defensive difficulties.

That is a really productive rate, and even though in Ligue 1, his numbers drop to 50.7% while playing for relegation struggles Angers, that output is still impressive for a midfielder playing for a struggling side and is a lot higher than even someone like Fabinho who has averaged just 42.8% in his last 365 days for Liverpool in all competitions and 44.44% in the Premier League this season. That output is impressive for a midfielder playing for a struggling side and is

The ғᴀᴄᴛ that Liverpool will not have to spend a significant sum of money in order to secure Ounahi’s services as a member of the club is the most favorable aspect of any potential transaction involving him. Leeds United have reportedly placed a bid for the Moroccan international player in the amount of $27 million (£22 million/€25 million). Although Ounahi’s current club has not yet responded to the offer, it would not be sᴜʀᴘʀɪsɪɴɢ to see him sell for a price somewhere in the neighborhood of that range.

He is still relatively young at the age of 22, and he is exactly the type of profile that the Liverpool midfield needs not just to strengthen the club’s choices but also to build for the future and rejuvenate the squad. He is a very good defender, and he has a strong shot. Ounahi is the ideal player for Liverpool since he can play multiple positions, is of a high caliber, and is currently in terrific form. He has the potential to breathe new life into Liverpool’s stagnant midfield.

Because of this, Liverpool ought to make an effort to sᴀʙᴏᴛᴀɢᴇ Leeds United’s pursuit of him and instead entice him to play for them at Anfield. With everyone’s attention focused on the possibility of Amrabat being traded, the answer may have been staring everyone in the face the whole time.


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