Let’s explore the mansion with a worth of up to 40 million dollars from the super-rich class in the US: Stunning spaces, fancy interiors, and never-ending for walking.

In the latest broadcast of the channel “Nhà TO”, the audience had the opportunity to admire the luxurious villa for the super-rich in the US. The estate has a total area of more than 1000m2, priced at 40 million USD has a view overlooking the sea and mountains.

In addition to the super-wide campus, the villa has a full feature to ensure that owners do not need to move around and still enjoy the same quality of service as luxury resorts. It is a gym, BBQ area, outdoor dining space, a large home bar, a reading room, 5 swimming pools, and a 3D golf room…

Unfortunately for anyone who is planning to buy this gorgeous mansion because someone has paid a deposit price as soon as they are open for sale. In short, this is the ideal living space for an elite class.

The main design of the villa is in a neoclassical direction, each room is stylized to create a different feeling. Every room in this house is unique. Like many other villas, the entire interior is controlled by smart systems to help create the most advantages for homeowners.


As soon as you enter the first floor of the building, you can clearly see the high-end class sign when passing through many spaces such as a garage, living room, kitchen, play area, and dining room… The highlights of the first floor must be including the relaxation room with an integrated bar, reading sofa, 3D golf area, billiards and table tennis areas. The pool table alone has a value of up to 45,000 USD, what a crazy number!


Going up to the 2nd floor, the space of the house is divided into many bedrooms for guests, 1 office, and 1 master bedroom.The master bedroom is meticulously invested compared to other rooms thanks to its spacious area, stunning interior decoration, and attention to detail. The master room space has proved the luxury of the villa of more than 37K dollars when there are enough amenities such as a fireplace, a dressing room, especially a private swimming pool…


On the other hand, a highlight of the master room is the million-dollar view, looking directly at the sea and being able to watch the whole sky from sunrise to sunset.

When stepping outside the villa, the “million-dollar” garden of the building will make people “drop their jaws”. With its luxurious design and prime location, this home is a favorite in the super-rich world.

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