Learn about Messi’s ‘Senor Hulk’ – Goat’s ‘official bodyguard’ with his own song

Perhaps the best player to ever set foot on a football field is Lionel Messi. The fаcт that “La Pulga” has been defenders’ worst nightmare for so long leaves her with very little to do, both on and off the field. It’s also safe to say that Messi, who is in his mid-30s, is still in excellent shape.

The affluent Argentine great owns a lot of residences in numerous major cities throughout the globe. Along with the house’s security and his “unofficial bodyguard,” Rodrigo De Paul, Messi’s large, brown pet dog, which could easily be mistaken for a different animal, is manning the gate.

Like the majority of football players, Lionel Messi makes sure to spend time with his dog companion. The PSG forward frequently posts videos and pictures of his pet on social media. But what breed is the enormous brown dog owned by the football star? Here is all the information you need to know about Messi’s dog.

What breed is Lionel Messi’s pet dog?

Messi’s enormous brown pet is a Dogue de Bordeaux, often known as a Bordeaux Mastiff or French Mastiff. Hulk’s full name is Senor Hulk, and he is also referred to as Senor Hulk. It is important to take into account the fаcт that Bordeaux is a well-known port city in France. In spite of their gnarled and menacing appearance, French Mastiffs are renowned for being exceptionally kind and devoted dogs. This trait is made abundantly clear in the viral video of Messi teaching Hulk how to dribble in a nightmare-inducing manner.

It is thought that Messi bought Senor Hulk in 2016, when he was still available. The footballing genius went on to share a number of recollections of his pet with the globe after having initially shared it with the world on social media back when it first became public. On the other hand, the post that his wife Antonela Roccuzzo made in 2018 was the one that provided an indication of how enormous Hulk was.

French Mastiffs, also known as Bordeaux Mastiffs, can reach a height of up to 27 inches (at the shoulder) and a weight of up to 150 pounds. They are notorious for their intimidating size. Now that is very close to being as hefty as the Argentine superstar himself, who is typically listed anywhere between 150 and 159 pounds. Their thick and slack skin makes them appear wrinkled, particularly in the areas around their faces, necks, and heads. The tails of French Mastiffs have an interesting appearance in that they get thinner as they get closer to the tip of the tail.

People frequently believe that these enormous brown monsters are Һostile, despite the fаcт that this is not the case. The Mastiffs are known for their composure and quiet demeanor, with their loyalty standing out as one of its most prominent qualities.

Lionel Messi’s dog serenaded by joyous Argentina fans after Paris Saint-Germain star led country to World Cup win

Even Lionel Messi’s dog was serenaded by supporters, demonstrating that the celebration in Argentina isn’t about to stop.

A video of happy Argentina fans approaching the World Cup champions dog while yelling “Es el perro de Messi” (literally, “it’s Messi’s dog”) has surfaced.

Before the dog, a big Dogue de Bordeaux named Hulk, approaches the admirers, they can be seen giggling.

Before continuing to chant and dance in celebration of Argentina’s tҺrilling World Cup victory over France last Sunday, they assemble around Hulk and give him a stroƙe.

In 2016, Messi acquired Hulk, and soon after, he proudly displayed the new addition of the family by sharing photos of the two on Instagram.

Following their heroics in Qatar, the Paris Saint-Germain star arrived in Argentina on Tuesday morning and was met by a sea of adoring fans in the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires.

Since Diego Maradona won the coveted World Cup title in 1986, Argentina had not won the tournament.

The debate over whether Messi’s accomplishments make him the greatest player of all time has also been reignited by Sunday’s victory.

Even while he acknowledged that the victory over France would be his final at a World Cup, Messi announced shortly after Sunday’s championship game that he would not be leaving the international stage.

The 35-year-old is not anticipated to make an appearance for PSG until mid-January as he prepares for another Champions League attempt.

Cristiano Ronaldo has five medals to his name, one more than Messi, who has won the competition four times.

Additionally, he is not far off the Portuguese star’s competition-leading goal total.

Mesis presently has 11 fewer goals in the Champions League than Ronaldo, who appears to be on the verge of leaving the competition for Saudi Arabia.

Messi has unfinished business before he rides off into the sunset, even with a new contract at PSG in the works.

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