League of Legends: Top 3 strongest lineups for Yae Miko in version 2.8

Yae Miko was once a controversial character in the Genshin Impact community, but the fox’s effectiveness in some lineups is still unmatched.

Yae Miko is the most notable character in version 2.5 of Genshin Impact and is also one of the characters that causes quite a bit of controversy in the gaming community because of the confusing skill set for gamers. With the gameplay not really suitable for the current Genshin Impact meta, as well as not having a set of holy relics “town” for me, Yae Miko has a lot of difficulties in winning her position in the hearts of gamers. .

Since there is a skill set that can’t be DPS, Yae Miko usually just a sub DPS option only. However, if you know how to choose the squad, Yae Miko can still be a very strong character, dealing huge damage over time.

So in today’s article Lagvn will review the lineups that Yae Miko can shine the most that gamers can use depending on the situation.

Mono’s lineup – Bennett

The members of this squad will include Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara (Destiny 6 to optimize the highest damage) and Bennett. The character who will take on the main DPS role will be Raiden Shogun, while Kujou Sara and Bennett will take on the task of increasing the output damage, while Yae Miko will ensure a constant amount of off-field damage.

Yae Miko Hyper Carry lineup

An interesting thing about this lineup is that Yae Miko will be your main source of damage, along with the 3 most popular support characters, including Bennett, Kujou Sara and Kaedehara Kazuha (replaceable). by Sucrose). In case the player has good stats, the damage dealt will be much more impressive.

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Taser Team

One of the most famous lineups, only after the Frozen and Nation lineup. This squad will focus damage on the Electromagnetic reaction between the Water and Lightning types, suitable for clearing multiple enemies at once. The Taser lineup will include members like Yae Miko, Xingqiu (Yelan), Sucrose (can be replaced with Kazuha, Venti) and Fischl (or Raiden Shogun, Beidou).


In the current version 2.8, these are the best lineups for Yae Miko and surely when the Thao system is released in version 3.0, there will be other squads more suitable for this fox, even a future. The future that Yae Miko becomes the Genshin Impact meta is not far off either.

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