League of Legends: New General Darkin is likely to have a similar appearance to Nasus

With the descriptions from Riot Games, it is possible that the new general Darkin will have a similar appearance to Nasus

Recently Riot Games has revealed a lot of information regarding a new assassin general possessing one of the cursed Darkin weapons. Riot Games also shared a lot of information related to this champion, including that he will be a Mid lane Assassin and this also means that gamers will be able to witness a Zed nice Pyke The mid lane when season 13 was updated.

However, it is worth mentioning that according to the introduction of Riot Games, they use a lot of words that refer to a pet dog for the owner. new general Darkin this.

Of course, in the game world, there is no shortage of images of characters in the form of dogs holding a weapon to fight. So it is quite likely that this will be the first time that Riot Games applies this character design and creates a completely new Darkin general for gamers.


It’s quite unlikely though Riot Games will create a champion who is a dog with a sword to attack. Instead, this general could be a character with a similar shape to Nasus and this is also considered the most reasonable design. Of course, this champion’s fast running scene can apply the movement of a dog and hold a sword in his mouth to create humor, for example.

The information above only stops at the conjecture of the gaming community, but about the real design, perhaps players will have to wait a while to know for sure.

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