Kylian Mbappe was rejected by his colleagues in the tunnel

Before the England vs France match, all eyes were on Kylian Mbappe and how he faced Kyle Walker after scoring five goals at this World Cup.

French superstar Kylian Mbappe appeared to have been snubbed by England players in the tunnel before the two teams faced off at the World Cup on Saturday night.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the cameras record Paris Saint-trump Germain’s card because most of the pre-match discussion centered on the striker and what he will do to counter Kyle Walker. Even though Walker did a fantastic job of tying up Mbappe, Les Bleus will end up coming out on top in the end.

The absolute speed of the 23-year-old player can sometimes cause the star player for Manchester City, who is not a lesser player, to “eat dust.” Despite this, France was still victorious over the United Kingdom by a score of 2-1.

And when they did, Mbappe offered his hand to Walker in front of Jordan Henderson in the tunnel, but both English players disregarded Mbappe, walking away from him as they did so. The meeting took place in the tunnel. Mbappe held his palm out for an excessive amount of time before pulling it back and laughing.

Whether Walker didn’t notice Mbappe or just plainly ignored his opponents, only he knows.

In the heat of the match, Harry Kane missed a penalty, helping the reigning world champions to a 2-1 win over the Three Lions and into the semi-final against Morocco.

Ronaldo: ‘Mbappe has reached the same level as me’

France is in great shape and performing well at the 2022 World Cup. The “Goloans” handily overcame Poland in the 1/8 round with a score of 3-1 after finishing first in the group stage.

England, one of the strongest contenders for the crown, presented France with their first significant challenge recently in the quarterfinal encounter. Coach Didier Deschamps and his players defeated the opposition 2-1 to go to the semi-finals, and they did so with the valor and poise befitting the reigning world champions.

The great success of the French national team in the World Cup 2022 has been significantly boosted by Kylian Mbappe, France’s most talented player. After five matches, the striker, who is 23 years old, has racked up five goals and two assists. At the most important football event in the history of the planet, this was the record for the most goals ever scored.

Ronaldo Nazario, a legendary figure in Brazilian football, has been profoundly influenced by Mbappe’s “unmatched” brilliance as a player. According to the legendary player who formerly played for Real Madrid, Mbappe possesses the same qualities that he did when he was at the pinnacle of his career.

“I can talk about how quick and skillful Mbappe is, and how much he reminds me of my playing days. I can talk about how much he makes me think of my playing days. According to Ronaldo, who was interviewed by Euro Sport, he is aware of how to make goals by moving quicker than other players. This information comes from Ronaldo.

“France is the strongest challenger for the World Cup this year. I predicted that Mbappe would be the best player at the World Cup before it even began.

Additionally, Ronaldo uttered “winged” comments to the vanquished French and English generals. “Against France, you displayed excellent football skills. The minor details altered the course of events, similar to what occurred with Brazil.

After suffering a crushing loss to Croatia at the World Cup, Ronaldo’s Brazil team was likewise a huge letdown. It was eliminated in the quarterfinals. Neymar most likely won’t be able to compete in another World Cup after this one, so Ronaldo encouraged him in a message.

“I believe Neymar is quite disappointed in the outcome. But I have no doubt he will recover stronger. He is still young—only 30 years old—and can yet help Brazil at the following World Cup.

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