Korean team make Dawin Nunez ‘dizzy’ with ‘one thing’ of 5 defensive players


When the Korean team plays Uruguay, it is interesting to note that all five defenders on the Korean team have the surname Kim. This will be a factor to keep an eye on. Korea and Uruguay are going to compete against each other in this match.

The first match of the World Cup 2022 will be between the national teams of Korea and Uruguay. The match will be played in South Korea. The fact that all five defenders on the Asian representative team have the surname Kim is a very interesting fact to take into consideration. According to this, the four people who are defending themselves are Kim Jin Su, Kim Young Gwon, Kim Min Jae, and Kim Moon Hwan. The goalkeeper for the Korean national football team is Kim Seung Gyu. His position is on the football team.

Lee, Kim, and Park are the three family names that occur most frequently in Korea. People from the same clan village who share a surname may not necessarily be from the same clan, despite the fact that they come from the same clan village. This is a tradition that stems from the history of this country. In particular, it is estimated that up to 20% of Koreans have the surname Kim. This is based on population statistics.


There are six players with the surname Kim representing Korea at the World Cup in 2022. There are a total of 26 players representing Korea at the tournament.

Kim Min Jae, a player who plays in the middle, is without a doubt the most notable.

At this time, the Korean national team’s number four player is contributing to the Napoli club in Italy. This season, the central defender for the Naples team who stands 1 meter and 9 centimeters tall has scored 2 goals for them and has appeared in 20 games for them. He also has a height of 1 meter and 9 centimeters. It was largely due to his efforts that Napoli was able to preserve their unbeaten record, continue their hold on first place in the Serie A standings, and make it to the group stage of the Champions League. The October issue of FourFourTwo magazine included a ranking of the world’s central defenders, and Kim Min Jae was recognized by the publication as one of the top 10 central defenders at the time.


Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Ulsan Hyundai are the two different teams that the three remaining members of the defense play for in the domestic league.

Al Shabab is competing for the national championship in Saudi Arabia, and Kim Seung Gyu is the team’s goalie. Al Shabab’s primary objective is to win.

In the match that they played against Korea, Uruguay fielded a team that featured veterans such as Suarez and Godin, in addition to younger players from Pellestri’s team and more seasoned players such as Jose Jimenez and Fede Valverde.

The individual who shines the brightest on the Asian side is unquestionably Son Heung Min, who is also known by the name Kim Min Jae. Son Heung Min has a dual identity.

Both teams started the match on a high note and kept the action moving quickly during the first few minutes of the contest.

Despite the fact that Korea is a lower-rated team, the team is prepared to play an offensive game and produce a lot of surprises for the representative from South America.

Even when things were at their worst, the kimchi team was still able to push Uruguay deep into their own territory multiple times.

After the initial 15 minutes, Korea began to purposefully slow down its pace. Since then, opportunities in Uruguay have gradually become more visible to the public. However, neither Valverde nor Godin’s attempts to score for Diego Alonso’s team were successful due to the fact that their shots did not travel in the desired direction. When there was no one else around, striker Hwang Ui Jo had a clear shot at goal, but he missed it by sending the ball high over the crossbar. The Asian representative has the right to lament this missed opportunity.

As the game moved into the second half, Korea and Uruguay continued to create an exciting double attack.

However, on a day in which the defenses of both teams are sharp, the opportunities simply cease to exist at a level that is hazardous.

The pace of the game picks up significantly as it nears its conclusion. It only takes two or three passes to get to the bottom one-third of the opponent’s field when you’re in the stage of organizing a bonus attack. In the final minute of play, the midfielder for Real Madrid showed off some impressive handling skills before attempting a long shot that hit the post in Korea. Since the beginning of the second half, this has been the opportunity with the greatest potential for harm.

The game was called off before anyone could score a goal.



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