Klopp openly admits risk of being sacked by Liverpool

In this season, coach J.Klopp is receiving a lot of pressure due to Liverpool’s catastrophic decline.

Coach Klopp is trying to revive a declining Liverpool.

At this time last year, no one would have thought that the Merseyside Reds would fall so low this season. From the position of a team that almost won the quadruple in the 2021 – 2022 season (won the Carabao Cup, FA Cup; finished second in the domestic league with 92 points, behind Manchester City with 1 point less, and received 0 defeats). -1 in the Champions League final against Real Madrid), Liverpool suddenly fell miserably and is currently in 9th place in the table and 21 points behind the top team Arsenal.

With a puzzling record, coach Klopp understands that his position in the most traditional club in England is being seriously affected.

Before the press, Klopp admitted: “I am not as good as many people think, but of course, I am not bad either. I did not become a bad coach overnight. But I understand well, if not I’m here with another coach, it’s definitely going to be very difficult. Surely no one will listen to explanations or excuses. They will say last season was great, and this season was not, so so please resign. But I will do my best to get out of it. Hopefully we will overcome these challenges together. Anything is possible.”

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