Kendrick Perkins quits GOAT after LeBron James speaks out about retirement rumors

Kеndrick Pеrkins Һas а оne-emоji twееt аs rеaction tо Lаkers fоrward LеBron Jаmes’ bιg sрeech dᴜring Wеdnеsday’s ESPYs.

LеBron Jаmes is Һere tо stаy. Hе couldn’t Һave мade ιt аny clearer tҺan wιth tҺe wоrds tҺat came оut Һis мouth Wеdnеsday nιght dᴜring tҺe 2023 ESPYs ιn wҺicҺ Һe demolisҺed аll tҺe rеtirеmеnt rᴜmors that Һovered оver Һim sιnce tҺe Los Anɡeles Lаkers’ еxit frоm tҺe 2023 NBA Plаyoffs.


Enter Kendrick Pеrkins, а fоrmer tеammatе оf LеBron Jаmes wιth tҺe Clеvеland Cаvаliers, wҺo рosted а оne-emоji twееt tҺat рrecisely conveys Һow Һe ᴠiews tҺe fоur-time lеaguе Mоst Vаluаble Plаyer.

At 38 years оld, LеBron Jаmes remаins аmong tҺe tоp рlayers in tҺe lеaguе. WҺile Һis рrime ιs nоw bеhind Һim, LеBron stιll рossesses tҺe tаlent аnd skιlls оf а dаngerous рlayer. Jᴜst lаst sеason, Һis 20tҺ ιn tҺe NBA, Һe аverаged 28.9 рoints, 8.3 rеbounds, аnd 6.8 аssists рer ɡame, wҺile sҺooting 50.0 рercent frоm tҺe fιeld.

LеBron Jаmes dоesn’t nееd tо score аnother рoint, dιsh оut аnother аssist, collect аnother rеbound оr еvеn рlay аnother sеcond ιn tҺe NBA tо sоlidify а lеgacy tҺat Һe’s аlreаdy cemented years аgo.  Bᴜt tҺe tҺirst fоr tҺe competition and tҺe ᴜrge tо аt lеast ɡive ιt аnother try tо wιn оne мore NBA rιng аre stιll tҺere fоr tҺe fᴜtᴜre Hаll оf Fаmer, wҺo ιs аbout tо еntеr Һis 21st sеason аs а рro.

All about Stephen Curry: ‘Incredible’ Networth, investments, charity

Regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, this NBA player earns big bucks. Here’s everything you must know about Stephen Curry’s net worth in 2023.

Wardell Stephen Curry II, also known as Stephen Curry, has to be one of the most celebrated American basketball players of all time. In his 14-season-long NBA career, Curry has managed to earn plenty of Hall of Fame-worthy awards and accolades. These include multiple NBA titles, multiple MVPs, a Finals MVP, considerable All-NBA First-Team nods, and 9 All-Star Game selections, among several others. Undoubtedly, Curry is one of the best shooters and is, in fact, regarded for making the most number of 3-pointers ever to date. Not just that, Stephen Curry is one of the top-paid athletes of all time. Scroll ahead to know everything you must know about Stephen Curry’s net worth in 2023.

Stephen Curry Net worth 2023

Full Name: Wardell Stephen Curry II
Net Worth: $160 million USD
NBA Salary: $48,000,000
Date of Birth: March 14, 1988
Age: 34 years
Place of Birth: Atherton, California
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Ayesha Curry
Source of Income: NBA Salary, endorsement, signature shoes, Unanimous Media
Endorsements: Chase, Nissan Motor, Under Armour, Palm, Rakuten, Infiniti
Endorsement Earnings: $47 million
Charity: Eat Learn Play foundation

Stephen Curry’s elite skills have always helped him create a game-defining NBA career for himself. In fact, the man is the first-ever professional player who is named the unanimous league MVP. Not just that, he is the winner of three NBA titles, two league MVPs, six All-Star, and six All-NBA selections. Needless to say, Stephen Curry has revolutionized the NBA and has managed to make a fortune while doing so. But, what is Stephen Curry’s Net Worth in 2023?

Reportedly, the net worth of Stephen Curry in 2023 is roughly estimated at around $160 million USD. Along with a massive NBA salary, the basketball player has also managed to earn an estimated amount of $150 million through brand endorsements and several other promising investment ventures.

Stephen Curry Salary 2023

When it comes to Steph Curry’s NBA salary, he has earned an estimated amount of $130 million USD salary for around ten successful years in the league. Back in 2017, the player consented to a five-year deal wherein he was paid around $206.8 million USD. At the time, this million-dollar deal with the Golden State Warriors went on to become the biggest contract signed by an athlete.

Moreover, the player signed a 4-year long extension with Warriors which is estimated at $215 million USD on August 4, 2021. Below find a list of yearly or season-wise salary breakdown of the NBA player:

2022 – 2023: $48 million
2023 – 2024: $51.9 million
2024 – 2025: $55.7 million
2025 – 2026: $59.6 million

Stephen Curry: Brand Endorsements

When it comes to Stephen Curry’s net worth, a huge proportion of his salary comes from brand endorsements. Over the years, the NBA player has signed deals with brands like Under Armour, Chase, Nissan Motor, Rakuten, Sony, JP Morgan, Brita, Unilever, Vivo, Infiniti FTX, and TCL’s palm phones. As a matter of fact, Steph is one of the lead investors of the palm phone company. Apart from these, he also began a company named Unanimous Media that primarily focuses on technology and media production.

Stephen Curry and Under Armour

Stephen Curry has been actively involved in charity work throughout his career. He established the Eat.Learn.Play Foundation along with his wife, Ayesha Curry, in 2019. The foundation focuses on providing quality education, nutrition, and recreational opportunities for children in underserved communities. Its initiatives include funding school meals, supporting education programs, and renovating basketball courts.

In addition to his foundation, Stephen Curry has been involved in various charitable endeavors. He has participated in numerous community outreach programs, donated to organizations supporting causes like education, health, and disaster relief, and has been an advocate for social justice initiatives.

Curry has also used his platform and influence to raise awareness and funds for various causes. He has organized charity events, including golf tournaments and basketball camps, to support charitable organizations. Through his philanthropic efforts, Stephen Curry has made a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and communities.

Although Stephen Curry has made plenty of expensive investments and purchases, he has never shied away from giving back to the community, which is why he has made it a point to donate to a number of charities. Some of them include the Animal Rescue Foundation and the United Nations Foundation among others. Apart from that, he goes out of his way to spread awareness regarding issues like AIDS, other health issues, animal welfare, children’s welfare, saving the environment, human rights, and several issues regarding women as well as world peace. He also supports Nothing But Nets and the Eat. Learn. Play Foundation. The Eat. Learn. Play Foundation is in fact founded by Steph along with his wife Ayesha Curry, which is an Oakland-based foundation that aims to help local folks in Oakland. The foundation aims to defeat hunger and malnutrition in children.

Steph has always had a huge influence on people, that is precisely why, he also manages to make his social media platforms a tool to raise the right kind of awareness. One of the subjects he chose to share through his social media was the No Child Hungry campaign.

One of the biggest professional basketball players in the United States of America, Stephen Curry has managed to achieve plenty of awards and accolades and has made quite a fortune. In fact, considering the opportunities coming his way, Stephen Curry’s net worth is only expected to grow through his exceptional basketball career and major brand endorsements.


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