Kena: Bridge of Spirits arrives on Steam next month

Kena: Bridge of Spirits arrives on Steam next month

The game with beautiful graphics like a Pixar cartoon will arrive on Steam at the end of September.

First product of Studio Ember LabKena: Bridge of Spirits will be on Steam on September 27 after a year of exclusive release on the Epic Games Store. At the same time as the Steam launch, the game will also be updated with free content on all platforms.​

The development team at Kena has revealed details about the big anniversary update, which will be available for free in just one month. New content including mode New Game PlusSpirit Guide Trials with unique bonuses and other welcome bonuses like skins and accessibility features.

The New Game Plus mode allows the player to restart Kena’s adventure with all previously owned items, special abilities, and outfits. Furthermore, all the Rots collected from the previous journey will also carry over to the new playthrough. Of course, NG+ mode will bring more challenging battles.​

Another brand new game mode called Spirit Guide Trials also makes its debut in the update, offering a variety of challenges divided into three groups. Players can test their mobility and combat skills, as well as their understanding of bosses and their weaknesses. Upon successfully overcoming all challenges, the player will receive a unique outfit for Kena and new items called Charmstones. Collectibles can be used anytime, anywhere to grant bonuses to the character’s stats and skills. Other additions include a new Kena skin, exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners only, improved accessibility features, and several minor bug fixes.​

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