Just one step away, Manchester United have 3 of the best midfielders in the World Cup

The recent hiring of Erik ten Hag as Manchester United’s manager comes at a time when the club is in the midst of a trying drought of five years without a championship.

Many of the club’s players have gained the confidence they need to do well in the World Cup as a result of the new manager, Ten Hag, who has provided genuine grounds for optimism under his leadership.

11 of United’s 15 players now competing in the tournament have advanced to the quarterfinals, and a number of those players have turned in very excellent individual performances.

If we consider the competition as a whole up to this point, it is fair to say that Manchester United possesses two of the top three midfielders in Qatar. This assertion is valid because Manchester United is currently leading the tournament.

Best three midfielders at the World Cup

Two of the three best midfielders at the World Cup so far are playing for Manchester United, giving the club bragging rights. The possibility exists that the club will soon have a third member if they have a lot of money and a little bit of luck.


Casemiro has been outstanding for Brazil thus far in their tournament in Qatar. As a result of Brazil’s shielding in defensive midfield, he did not even have to deal with a shot on goal during the first two games he played.

After all of his hard effort, he was able to cap it off by scoring the goal that won the game against Switzerland. Brazil made the mistake of not playing him in their last group match, and as a result, they suffered a defeat at the hands of Cameroon.

Casemiro’s return to the team for the knockout stages spurred a 4-1 victory over South Korea, which might have easily been by a greater margin if they wanted it to be. Casemiro’s return to the side for the knockout stages was for the knockout stages.

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes is having a phenomenal campaign so far, and he is quickly becoming Portugal’s most important offe饾殫s喂ve player, while Cristiano Ronaldo is becoming an afterthought.

After assisting on two of Portugal’s goals in their first game, Fernandes scored twice for Portugal in their second match. Along with Casemiro, he did not play in the last group match since his team was given the opportunity to rest players, and they ended up losing.

He made his return to the spotlight Friday night against Switzerland, contributing an assist while also creating more scoring opportunities than any other player on the field.

Jude Bellingham

Wonderkid Jude Bellingham of England is taking control of the event and making it his own. He has started each of the four games for the Three Lions and has been an inspiration on their way to the quarter-finals.

Bellingham has not only been England’s most important player, but also a player who would be an asset to any other team competing in the tournament. He has one goal and one assist so far in the competition.

Forbes reported this week that an attempt will be made to sign the 19-year-old player for Manchester United during the summer of 2021. He came close to signing with the club in the year 2020 and continues to be a primary transfer target for the club.

If Casemiro, Fernandes, and Bellingham maintain their current level of play, not only would they constitute a well-balanced midfield for Manchester United, but they also have a good chance of being named to the team of the tournament for the World Cup.

United already has two of the three players, and with one more acquisition, they will have the ideal group of midfielders for the World Cup.


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