Julian Alvarez, statue at Manchester City and spoiled by his English teacher

Julian Alvarez The supporters of City of Manchester have shown their affection toward him. The Argentine striker’s goal for his first season with them is to integrate himself fully into the team. Because of this, Qatar 2022 won the title of global champion. A new English instructor has been selected.

Conocé a la profesora de inglés de Julián Álvarez

Sarah Duke, a teacher of multiple languages, is leading sessions to assist Spider in adjusting to life in England and the United Kingdom. Premier League Try to move as quickly as you can.

The instructor, who is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German, expressed his satisfaction with Julian Alvarez’s progress across all of his social networks.

Julián Álvarez impresionó a su profesora de inglés: el cariñoso mensaje en  las redes | TN

Impressive growth in such a short amount of time, from winning the World Cup to being fluent in a new language, my student’s talent knows no bounds. I am so pleased with this pupil! The comments were made by Duke on his Twitter account. instagram with a photo of you standing next to the Argentine striker who is 23 years old.

Julian Alvarez đi vào lịch sử bóng đá cùng ĐT Argentina và Man City

Who exactly is this Sarah Duke that Julian Alvarez has for his English class?

Sarah Duke Although he was born in Portugal, he left the country at a young age to travel to other places in Europe in order to study law and languages. Later in his life, he decided to change jobs and became interested in education and learning methods, as well as psychology and mental training.

Julian Alvarez là món hời của Man City - Bóng đá Anh

At Duke Graduate School, he was able to accomplish all of the requirements for the master’s degree program in sports psychology and mental health coaching. Real Madrid’s Psychiatric Sports Coach certification was finished in both Spain and the United States.

After that, he got involved in the world of football and worked as a language coach for the Porto team. In order to assist non-native players in connecting with their team and nation, specifically Portugal.

In addition to instructing Julian Alvarez, he has instructed other players, such as Sarah Duke, in a variety of languages. Arthur Mellow (Liverpool), Endric (Palmeiras; will join Real Madrid in 2024), Danilo Santos (Nottingham Forest), Danny Namazo (port), Calvin Bassey (Ajax), Victor Hugo (Flamingo), and Axel Tuanzebe (Stoke City) are some of the players on this list.

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