Jordan Henderson relaxes on his vacation at the sunny beach

Jordan Henderson is currently enjoying a well-deserved break after a fantastic season with Liverpool, and he celebrated his birthday in style.

The Liverpool and England player turned 29 on Monday and shared a photo of him wearing a white coat and sunglasses as he enjoyed his birthday breakfast.

In front of him was a large cake, with a lot of fruit on it, but only two birthday candles.

Henderson needs a break after playing more than 40 games for Liverpool this season, as well as numerous international appearances for England.

“I was exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally,” admitted Henderson, adding that it was difficult to prepare for the Nations League semi-final against the Netherlands right after the season ended.

Liverpool lifted the Champions League title with a win over Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid, weeks after they beat Manchester City on the final day of the Premier League season, coming in second.

For now, however, with a bit of respite ahead of the pre-season, Jordan Henderson looks much more relaxed.

This year his birthday falls on the day after Father’s Day, so he has plenty of time to spend with his family.

He shared a quick photo of the homemade cards his daughters made for the occasion, each with a picture of the Champions League trophy on the front.

After his break, Henderson will return to Liverpool to begin preparations for the new season, where they will defend the Champions League trophy and search for the Premier League title.

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