Jennie was suddenly accused of bullying a classmate, the victim wanted to finish off herself

Jennie is probably the member with the most scandals of the BLACKPINK.

Recently, on the Sohu, there was an article that caused a stir on social networks, especially for those who love BLACKPINK. A netizen who identified herself as a classmate of Jennie suddenly denounced this powerful girl group member who looks down on her when she entered school because……… her English was not fluent. It is worth mentioning that she shared that she was so frustrated and thought of finish of herself.

The article on Sohu

This girl did not mention name of Jennie, she uses the acronym “KJ” (supposedly Kim Jennie). According to the story, the two of them attended the same course, KJ was born in 1996, and the bullied girl was born in 1995. In 2010, this girl started studying in New Zealand, just because her English was not fluent. She was constantly disrespected by KJ and foreign friends that made her think of ending her life.

Jennie and her friends in New Zealand

She continued to say that KJ was too much, always forcing her to do unreasonable things, KJ always criticized her for being ugly, even KJ took her juice bottle and threw it in the trash.

The netizen’s allegations

A netizen contacted and asked if Jennies was the KJ character mentioned in the “unmasking” article, this girl confirmed that she was referring to Jennies, the two of them were classmates in the same class.
In addition, the Sohu page also shared information about an account that was allegedly used by Jennie when she was 14 years old with obscene and difficult words. If the netizen’s allegations (who is said to be in the same course as Jennie) are true, this will be the next “stress” that Jennie suffers. After the scandal of being lazy to dance, Jennie continued to be entangled in a scandal. It is worth mentioning that after the bullying scandal of Jimin (AOA), the topic of mental violence is even more noticeable.


The social media account that is supposed to be jnnie’s

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