In 2 years, the cats become ‘Art Aficionado’ due to this thing

The persistence of the cats for many years makes everyone can't stop being curious.

At an Onomichi City Art Museum in Japan, there are two cats waiting at the door to be allowed in. It seems that they both love art very much.

This persistent duo has been trying to get into the Museum for years. Apparently, these two cats have been trying to get involved since a cat photography exhibition in 2016.

Whether the timing is just random or the cats are interested in what’s in the gallery can only be speculated. ”It was in 2016. They have been trying since then.” – said the museum guard

Despite appearing to be art-loving fans, the pair were once again denied entry to the museum.

In 2 years, the cats become 'Art Aficionado' due to this thing 1

The pair of cats were once again denied entry to the museum.

This museum’s security guards follow the rules very well. But because they are so cute, the museum has no strict policy on these animals and they are allowed to stand outside the museum.

Sadly, two cats have that limitation. However, these two cats still patiently waited every day for 2 years to get the guardian’s permission.

And it’s that “try again” attitude that has made them famous. So they have been given many nicknames. The black cat is called Ken or Ken Chan and his accomplice, a ginger cat, is called Gosaku or Go-Chan.

In 2 years, the cats become 'Art Aficionado' due to this thing 2

Ken-chan was denied to go to the museum

While the security guard is serious about his job, keeping cats out of the museum, he also seems to love these cute cats.

In 2 years, the cats become 'Art Aficionado' due to this thing 3


Interestingly, while the museum continues to restrict the duo, the foundation has used the cat story above to create adorable tote bags. Sold at the museum’s gift shop, are tote bags featuring cats as they try to sneak inside.

In 2 years, the cats become 'Art Aficionado' due to this thing 4

The bags have been said to be bestsellers, though somehow it seems a bit unfair that the cats are doing their part to help fund the activity and still aren’t in the museum. Even with their new Internet fandom, there are few ways to respond.

In 2 years, the cats become 'Art Aficionado' due to this thing 5

Ken-chan was trying to go to the museum again

Ken Chan seems to be plotting the best way to defeat his enemies.

On the museum’s Twitter feed are a number of video clips that have had more than 15,000 likes and 6,000 retweets since posting more about the cats. Although following the rules, it is easy to see that the security guard loves cats very much.

Not giving up easily, after Ken Chan’s failed attempts, his furry criminal friend worked hard to get inside the place he thought was hard to catch.

Said to be charming, Gosaku was no more impressed with the security guards than his black friend. However, he tries to get a little love his own way.

Will they be able to fulfill their dream to enter the museum?? Maybe in an outdoor exhibition occasion, Ken Chan and Gosaku – these “art” loving cats will have the opportunity to become true art-loving cats.


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