‘If he knew how to keep calm, that Man Utd winger could have had same Messi’s level’

The former Manchester United defender couldn’t keep his feelings for a player who never lived up to his full potential during his time at Old Trafford.

When it comes to Manchester United’s wingers, many long-time Red Devils fans will recall legends such as Ryan Giggs and David Beckham.

Both of these excellent midfielders are members of Sir Alex Ferguson’s 92nd Golden Generation and are the traditional wingers of the foggy country’s football.

MU also has wingers with a “wild” style of play who can dribble and do fascinating tricks in addition to Giggs and Beckham. This virtual winger type is uncommon under Sir Alex Ferguson, but the emotions these players leave for MU fans are powerful.

Luis Nani is one of the border magicians who once made a significant impression at Old Trafford.

The Portuguese midfielder was one of Manchester United’s best wingers during Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign, and he continues to have a particular place in the hearts of Red Devils fans.

Nani’s pace, technique, dexterity, and eye-catching swings are the most visible manifestations of the star who was anticipated to become Man’s second Cristiano Ronaldo. United.

Nani’s potential is enormous, as coach Sir Alex Ferguson publicly stated at the end of 2011, not long after the 1986-born player had his most successful season in the Red Half shirt. Manchester. Nani scored 10 goals and had 20 assists in all competitions during the 2010/11 season.

Nani was nominated for the prestigious Golden Ball award in 2011 thanks to his outstanding performance in the 2010/11 season. Despite the fact that Nani was unable to win this important individual title. (Messi is the owner of the Golden Ball 2011,) but it demonstrates that Nani possesses all of the elements required to compete at the highest level in the globe, alongside Messi and Ronaldo.

Unfortunately, Nani has never demonstrated all of her inherent qualities.

After his peak in 2011, Nani subsequently slipped in the Manchester United shirt before leaving Old Trafford in 2015.

Rio Ferdinand is well aware of Nani’s unique and exceptional potential. The 44-year-old former midfielder has had 8 years of battle with Nani in a Man United shirt, which makes Ferdinand even more sorry for a gifted player who was lost in the Old Trafford team’s wing corridor.

In the summer of 2021, Ferdinand laid out Nani’s fatal flaw on his personal YouTube channel, which is also why the Portuguese winger was unable to reach the highest level conceivable. can:

“Nani is a peculiar player. It would be unimaginable if MU owned a player like Nani right now. Nani is frequently mentioned in the WhatsApp conversation group, and we all admire him. He’s a fantastic player.”

“Nani’s issue, on the other hand, is a lack of consistency in the finishing touches. Nani is constantly making incredible balls, swiping around, and unleashing shots on the practice field. The most difficult thing in the world.

“When he enters the game, though, his chances of making such shots are barely one in two. When the player is actively playing, he doesn’t have many chances to complete, and the formation might become tricky at times. So whenever he’s on the pitch, it’s extremely hectic and strange.

“In reality, if Nani had learned how to calm down before completing and handle key moments like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, he could have been on a far higher level.”

Nani has a great talent, and MU fans can’t help but feel sorry for him. The star born in 1986 is a very talented player, but he lacks the consistency and precision required to attain a position commensurate with his enormous potential.

Luis Nani is still a professional player and, at the age of 36, is nearing the end of his career with Melbourne Victory. Nani also had an emotional reunion with him earlier this season. Manchester United plays a pre-season friendly in Australia.

Nani has the potential to fill the vacuum that Ronaldo has created at Old Trafford and has already had the opportunity to become a legend at the club. But in the end, Nani was unable to live up to the lofty expectations that Red Devils supporters had for him.

Nani may still be happy of the fact that she has had a successful career at the “Theater of the World” when she thinks back on the eight years that she devoted to MU, the twelve championship championships that she won, and the impromptu plays that she performed that enthralled the audience. dreams”.

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