‘Huge update’: Liverpool could sign Kylian Mbappe for ‘astronomical’ fee ever

According to Frank McAvennie, Liverpool would have to spend a “astronomical amount” to hire Kylian Mbappe.

In an interview with Football Insider, the former West Ham striker stated that he would be happy to see Mbappe team up with Jude Bellingham at Anfield.

The Reds are apparently back in the running to make a “large” offer for the 24-year-old star in the summer, according to a report from the Spanish daily Sport on the 19th of December. This comes after the Reds made a comeback as one of the clubs keeping an eye on Mbappe’s position.

The striker’s PSG contract was extended in May, making it so that it now expires in 2025.

Several sources gave this publication confirmation on December 13 that Jurgen Klopp’s staff is putting the finishing touches on two new purchases, with at least one of them possibly being finished in January.

The Merseyside club is confident that they will be able to finalize a move for the 19-year-old Bellingham as the summer transfer window approaches.

In response to the topic of whether he could see Mbappe playing for Liverpool, McAvennie told Football Insider, “It would be wonderful for British football.”

“I simply don’t see that occurring. I’m not sure whether Liverpool has access to such a huge sum of money. Given that Kylian Mbappe is earning a king’s ransom at Paris Saint-Germain, they were hesitant to give the money to Mohamed Salah.

At this moment, he has complete control of the club. Unless his current contract ends, I have no idea why he would want to go, and even if he were available, I don’t know anyone who could pay for him.

But not in a million years is there any chance in hell it will ever happen. It would cost a tremendous sum of money. He is the one in control of that club, so I think he is happy there. However, imagine Bellingham and Mbappe playing on the same squad.

The footage of Thiago Alcantara that has leaked from Liverpool has been described as “wowing” a pundit, albeit “he would not say so openly.”

‘Unexpected’: Muslims supporters slam Mo Salah for his ‘strange’ post

Mohamed Salah’s Muslim supporters criticized him on social media after he shared a photo of his family posing in front of a Christmas tree.


On both his Twitter and Instagram profiles, Muslim Salah accompanied the picture with the words “#MerryChristmas,” which was a hashtag.

In his annual Christmas post, the thirty-year-old man and his family, consisting of his wife Magi and their children Makka and Kayan, all donned matching pajamas.

Christmas is not traditionally observed by Muslims, however some do take part in the celebrations.

One Muslim supporter responded to Salah’s tweet by saying, “I will unfollow you and stop supporting Liverpool because you are enjoying Christmas with Christians.”

Another person continued, “I have always supported Liverpool, but I will no longer do so because the team celebrates Christmas with Christians.

I’m no longer a fan of you, Mo Salah. Goodbye!’

Salah, Mo Since you supported Real Madrid, I had respect for you. You’ve always been my biggest cheerleader, and I believed you were a great player. I can no longer look up to you after reading this tweet. I’m disappointed in you. I will be compelled to quit following you if you do not delete this tweet,” the third person added.

Others supported the striker from Egypt, with one referring to him as “Africa’s finest ever player.”


“To us, you are a cross between Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.” They exclaimed, “Have fun!”

Another fan asserts that every year, this is the Christmas post that is most anticipated. Merry Christmas to all!

Others say that Liverpool has been cursed by Salah’s frequent Christmas greetings. The Reds lost their next eight games at Anfield after he shared a similar photo on social media in 2020.

The Egyptian missed a penalty and an open goal against Leicester in 2021, just days after sharing a Christmas selfie on social media, and Manchester City went on to win the league title.

Following the World Cup break, the team’s first game back in action was a loss to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup quarterfinal on Thursday. Salah scored while participating in all ninety minutes.

He will get the team’s opening start on Boxing Day when Jurgen Klopp’s group plays at Aston Villa in its first Premier League game following the World Cup.



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