How to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Learn how to mute the camera shutter sound on your iPhone while taking photos by following this quick and easy guide.

The stock camera app on iPhone comes with a natural, satisfying shutter sound when a user presses the shutter button. While it’s a useful way to notify a user about successful photo capture, sometimes it gets irritating in a specific situation. Let’s say you are in a quiet room or meeting or want to capture a photo without notifying anyone. In such cases, you’d want to mute the camera sound on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, there is no direct toggle in iOS to mute camera sound on the iPhone. However, using the trick below, you can easily mute or silent the camera capture sound on your iPhone.

Before you mute the camera shutter sound on the iPhone, it’s always advisable to confirm with the local laws. In countries like South Korea and Japan, it’s not permitted by law to turn off the camera sound while clicking a picture. The practice is there to ensures that you are not snooping or secretly taking unsolicited pictures when the subject is unaware of your action.

How to Mute Camera Sound on Your iPhone

First, let’s talk about the official way to mute the camera sound on iPhone.

1. Mute the iPhone Ringer

The quickest way to disable iPhone camera shutter sound is to mute it. After this, when you snap a picture, you will not hear the camera shutter sound. To mute your iPhone, push down the switch on the top left side of your iPhone.

How to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 1

The orange color inside the mute button indicates that the iPhone is in mute mode. Now, open the Camera app and click a picture. You won’t hear any shutter sound. The trick also works in third-party social media camera apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Once you are done clicking the phone, don’t forget to revert the button position as it was. Otherwise, you won’t hear any notification or incoming call sound.

2. Turn Down Volume 

There are a couple of ways to turn down the volume on the iPhone. You can either use the volume buttons on the device or use the Control Center.

Step 1: Open the Control Center on your iPhone

On iPhone with Face ID (iPhone X and later), swipe down from the top right corner (right on the battery icon).On iPhone with a Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Drag the volume slider to zero.

How to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 2


Step 3: Open the Camera app and click pictures without any sound.

If that’s too much for you then simply use the volume button and turn down the volume on the device.

3. Use Live Photos

Announced back in 2015, Live Photos are 3-second images that move and have audio. When you shoot Live Photos, there is no camera shutter sound.

Open the Camera app and tap on the Live Photo icon in the upper right corner. The interface will display a little Live toggle indicating the current Live Photo mode. Now go ahead, and shoot pictures in the Live Photo mode.

How to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 3

Impressed with Live Photos and want to shoot all the future photos with it? Open the Settings app on the iPhone and navigate to Camera > Preserve Settings > enable Live Photos.

4. Take Pictures While Recording Videos


Just like any other camera app, one can easily take pictures while recording a video. During that, you won’t be able to hear the camera shutter sound. Go through the steps below to take pictures during video recording.

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Switch to the Video mode.

Step 3: Tap on the Red button at the bottom to start the video recording.

How to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 4

Step 4: During video recording, you can tap on the little shutter button to capture images on the go.

5. Connect to Wired or Wireless Earphone


This hack won’t mute the camera shutter sound on the iPhone. Instead, it will output the sound from the connected audio device and not the iPhone speakers. This means that people around you won’t hear the camera sound when you capture a photo.

If you have a wired earphone, connect it to your iPhone via the headphone jack or Lightning port. You can also use a dongle to connect the wired earphone to the iPhone. If you have a wireless Bluetooth earphone like AirPods or Galaxy Buds Pro, connect them to the device.

Now, open the Camera app and capture pictures. The shutter sound will be audible in the connected earphones and not the iPhone speaker.

6. Play Music While Taking Pictures

This is another nifty trick to hide the camera shutter sound from prying ears. Open a music player of your choice on the iPhone and play any soundtrack at a good volume.

Next, open the Camera and click pictures. The shutter sound will hardly be audible. The sound coming out of the music app will overshadow the shutter sound.

Go ahead, apply these tricks and mute the annoying camera shutter sound on the iPhone. These tricks apply to iPad as well.

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