How rich is the potential owner of Man Utd?

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the new potential owner of Manchester United, owns a spectacular yacht worth £130 million. That is only a small portion of his estimated £15 bᎥllᎥon fortune.

After the bᎥllᎥonaire Glazer brothers decided to sell Manchester United, there were many rich owners around the world interested in the deal, including bᎥllᎥonaire Jim Ratcliffe, who has been a fan of the “Red Devils” since their inception.

Portrait of Britain’s richest bᎥllᎥonaire, Jim Ratcliffe, whose fortune is estimated to be worth around 15 bᎥllᎥon pounds (Image: Alamy).

Jim Ratcliffe is an oil tycoon who is currently the richest bᎥllᎥonaire in Britain, with a fortune of around 15 bᎥllᎥon pounds; at his peak, his fortune was up to 21 bᎥllᎥon pounds.

The 70-year-old bᎥllᎥonaire owns a 170 million-pound luxury yacht (Image: The Sun).

The yacht’s living room has a large plasma TV screen (Photo: Feadship).

The bedrooms are elegantly and luxuriously designed (Photo: Feadship).

The 70-year-old bᎥllᎥonaire now runs Ineos, the world’s fourth-largest chemical company, worth bᎥllᎥons of pounds. Ratcliffe also serves as president of the French club Nice and the Swiss club Lausanne. He also owns one-third of the Mercedes Formula One team.

Ratcliffe made a final bid to pᴜrchase Chelsea in May 2022, but his offer of £ 4.25 bᎥllᎥon was turned down.

Ratcliffe’s goal when asked to buy Chelsea was to make the Stamford Bridge team the best in London and the world. But the Chelsea club is still owned by bᎥllᎥonaire Todd Boehly, who was not afraid to spend money to bring in a slew of stars in his short tenure as chairman.

bllonaire Ratcliffe currently owns a 78-meter-long yacht that can accommodate up to 14 guests. Hampshire II is a yacht dedicated to Britain’s wealthiest bᎥllᎥonaire.

On the yacht, there is a dining room with seating for 14 people (Image: Feadship).

The yacht has a beach club with a helipad, plush bathrooms and delightful bedrooms, a great dining room, and a large living area.

Ratcliffe first expressed an interest in Manchester United last summer. “If Manchester United are for sale, Jim is certainly a potential buyer,” his spokesman said at the time. If something like this is possible, we would like to speak with intent. Long-term possession.

The Glazer family is expected to sell Manchester United for £5 bᎥllᎥon. This is a large number, but Sir Jim Ratcliffe can meet it completely.

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