How much does De Paul ‘love’ Messi?

Rodrigo De Paul has always shown his love for captain Lionel Messi. He even tattooed Leo on his left thigh to… mark his sovereignty.

Fans have an easy time associating that image with Argentina’s performance at this World Cup because to Messi’s dedication to the team. Midfielder De Paul, who plays for Argentina and is frequently seen standing near to Lionel Messi during their matches, exemplifies this sentiment perfectly.

De Paul was the first player to show up in the hot spot to defend Leo when the captain was fouled by another player. He is prepared to fight against those who seek to cause harm to El Pulga. “When Messi becomes the captain of Argentina, if he asks me to go to war, I am prepared to do so. To avoid drawing attention to ourselves, we all make an effort to contribute. Messi is the only player who is permitted to lead the way. “And all that we do is obey his directions,” De Paul explained.

Even when the game was over, he continued to go around Messi while La Pulga shook hands with teammates on the other side of the line. In each and every Argentine training session, De Paul is always found standing right next to the man.

Fans only recently learned that De Paul also has a tattoo of Messi donning Argentina’s number 10 shirt on his left leg. The tattoo was located on the left side of his thigh. Fans made light of the situation by joking that the Atletico Madrid midfielder was asserting his independence in this manner.

The feeling that De Paul has for Messi goes beyond simple camaraderie and into the realm of reverence. He has the consistent opinion that Messi is an extremely valuable asset to the nation and must be safeguarded at all costs.

Lionel Scaloni, Argentina’s head coach, developed a tactical scheme that made De Paul an essential player from a technical standpoint in that system. He possesses enough positive traits to “open up” the playing field for player number 10. After Roman Riquelme’s departure from the Argentina national team, it took Lionel Messi more than ten years to find any player who could match his intensity while wearing the Blue and White shirt. Leo is the most significant part in the chain of coordination, but he does not dominate all of it. The function of juniors helps Leo answer the problem of how to complete the last step.

Although De Paul didn’t have a great start to the 2022 World Cup, he quickly turned things around and lately had fantastic performances against Poland and Australia. Even though he was subjected to a great deal of criticism at various points, Scaloni and Messi’s belief in him enabled him to rediscover his self-assurance and display his finest attributes.

Messi, Mbappe shine, Neymar will answer?

The round of 1/8 World Cup 2022 is only halfway through, but it is not difficult to realize that the stars who are wearing the PSG shirt have become the main characters in the victory that their team won.

Messi sublimated, enthralled everyone and immersed himself in the rhythmic and flexible Tango dance he created on the pitch, making the opponent confused and confused before helplessly watching the ball go into the net after the extreme cut. sweet from his magic left foot.

That striker was once again the soul of the game, the way the ball was deployed in Argentina, the factor that brought the whole South American team straight to the quarterfinals. El Pulga still presents the quintessence of football to the fans. Three goals since the beginning of the World Cup is a testament to the great performance of the 35-year-old player.

But if Messi is marked by his flowery play, with Kylian Mbappe, he has conquered all football villages with his top performance since the beginning of the tournament. At the age of 21, the striker on the PSG payroll gives people the feeling that he has fought in this playground for too many years instead of just the second time.

No Benzema, France is still flying high in this year’s world cup, still a bright candidate for the championship title. To get that is thanks to what Mbappe performed on the pitch.

Speed, technique and confidence – the player born in 1998 turns every opponent’s defense into an empty place, where he freely dances and finishes netting every team. Mbappe is leading the scoring list and also has 2 assists. That achievement is enough to make the most difficult people admit the level of the guy in his twenties.

But when the two teammates are turning the stage in Qatar into a place for them to shine brightly, for Neymar, the world cup has not really begun. Injury in the opening game made him absent from the group stage, so that he is now ready to re-appear just at the time when the Brazilians needed him the most.

In the knockout stage, where every mistake has a price, where star moments can decide the outcome of a great battle, Samba fans want Neymar more than ever.

He is the leader, the hope of the national people about the 6th gold star on the chest after this tournament. Neymar is ready to return and people are waiting for him to be much more powerful.

While Messi or Mbappe have continuously entered their names on the electronic board, Neymar is still just a round zero. But the level and bravery of that striker need to be promoted to prove the value of the top star. The Korean competition – an underdog opponent is an opportunity for him to shine.

Maybe, Brazil does not need Neymar to still be able to overcome the Asian representative, but the star born in 1992 himself needs to score or assist to at least make a mark at this year’s World Cup, as a premise for the World Cup. more sublime performances on the next stage.

More than ever, the striker wanted to do it, to show everyone he was back and to send a challenge to all opponents. After the Messis or Mbappes turned the stadium in Qatar into a stage for them to perform their superior football, it was time for Neymar to respond.

The ticket to the quarterfinals is within the reach of the Samba representative but will only become complete if their top star gives at least one goal. Korea is inherently not a difficult challenge, so Neymar has more reason to confidently shine.

In the corner of the field and in the sky in the West Asian country, the 29-year-old star is ready to make the next match a place for him to respond to his outstanding teammates who have brought their country into the next round with class, the value of the leading factor in the football village.

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