‘History repeat’: Neymar could miss the rest of World Cup 2022?


After Serbian defender Nikola Milenkovic made contact with Neymar and caused him injury in the 79th minute, Neymar’s head coach, Tite, made the decision to take him out of the game and put him on the bench. The photo shows that Neymar’s right ankle has some kind of swelling to it.

A source for the newspaper “The Sun” stated that Neymar appeared “almost distraught” and was crying when he left the field. This information was provided by the source.

After that, he was obligated to apply ice to the region that encompassed the wоᴜ𝚗Ԁ‌.


The striker for Paris Saint-Germain, who was suffering from bloodshot eyes, sat down in the Brazilian technical area, and his teammates, who were sitting next to him, were very encouraging and comforting to him throughout the entirety of the match.

Neymar was called for a total of nine fouls throughout the course of this game, which is more than any other player had been called for through the first 15 matches of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup.

Despite this, Brazil is not credited with winning the game due to the fact that the superstar Neymar had an injury during the contest. In the 79th minute, “little Pele” had considerable difficulty playing because he had just taken a strong shot from the center back for the Serbian squad. The player that was responsible for taking the shot was Nikola Milenkovic.


As a result of the fact that he was deemed incapable of continuing to play as a result of this, the coach Tite yanked him off the field and replaced him with Antony.

It is vital to note that Neymar was also regularly the subject of harsh challenges from players from Serbia in the previous version of the competition. This fact should not be overlooked.

The statistics show that throughout the 79 minutes that “little Pele” was on the field, he was fouled 9 different ways, which is a total of 9 separate fouls.

After suffering this injury, there is a chance that Neymar won’t be able to complete a full recovery.

The fact that the athlete in question has experienced such a nҽgαтιve reaction serves as supporting evidence.

When the Brazilian striker got back to the team’s technical area, he had just been iced when he started crying and broke down in front of his teammates.

The other members of the team needed to constantly console and reassure one another after watching what Neymar had done.

According to the members of the medical staff for the Brazilian team. [Further citation is required] It appears that Neymar has sprained his ankle as a result of the injury. The Brazilian medical team is still gathering information in order to determine the full extent of the striker’s injury who is currently playing for PSG. They are doing this in order to determine how serious the injury is. During an interview that took place after the game, head coach Tite provided the following assurances to the supporters who were there: “Neymar is not in danger of being booted out of the World Cup competition, so you have nothing to worry about. That is one thing about which you can be absolutely certain.”

The injury that Neymar sustained during the World Cup, which turned out to be a nightmare for him, caused a great deal of concern among a lot of people.

In 2014, he hurt his back during the tournament’s quarterfinal match. The injury forced him to withdraw from the match. This particular contest was played versus Colombia.

After that, Neymar decided not to participate in Brazil’s semi-final match against Germany, which ultimately resulted in a defeat for Brazil by a score of 1-7.

Bookmakers in every region of the world now have Brazil listed as the most likely team to take home the World Cup in 2022. In the event that Neymar is unable to take part in the activity, this scenario may be subject to change.

The number of championships that Brazil has won is a record-setting five.

Neymar caused a commotion when, prior to the 2022 World Cup, he wore a team shirt that had six stars on it. The shirt was a reference to the fact that he had won six championships, and it was worn before the World Cup.

Neymar was called “arrogant” in a later story published by the German publication Bild.

After that, Richarlison supported Neymar by issuing a public statement in which he said, “Bild is an arrogant and superior individual. Simply put, we are idealists in every sense of the word. As we sleep, we conjure up the sixth star in our imagination. We are going to win in spite of how they feel about it, because we are better “.

The competition got underway with Brazil cruising to a 2-0 victory over Serbia.

Richarlison, who plays for his team as a striker, was responsible for scoring both of his team’s goals in the 62nd and 73rd minutes of play.

Top 10 goalscorer for Brazil: Pele (77 goals), Neymar (75), Ronaldo Nazario (62), Romario (55), Zico (48), Bebeto (40), Rivaldo (35), Jairzinho (35), Ronaldinho (33), Tostao



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