Harvestella – Square Enix’s blockbuster farm and combat game has an official release date

Not only has an interesting farm game experience, but players can also enjoy the unique combat mechanics right inside Harvestella.

In recent days Square Enix is one of the game publishers that causes quite a bit of controversy in the gaming community when there are constantly opinions that agree with the NFTization of video games. In addition, the studios of the company are also in a state of inefficient operation that has to be stopped, making many people feel that the father of the super product. Final Fantasy is gradually trying to separate himself from his gamers.

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However, in a latest announcement by Square Enix then the blockbuster is named Harvestella has officially set the launch time and this has made many gamers feel extremely excited.

Harvestella - Square Enix's blockbuster farm and combat game

Specifically on my homepage Square Enix introduced the latest images related to its blockbuster game Harvestella. According to the publisher’s introduction, going will be a farm game but incorporating adventure elements, quickly making Harvestella the focus of attention of many netizens.

Even according to some gamers’ reviews, Harvestella can completely compete with famous blockbuster games of the same genre of the world game village such as Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Rune Factory

Harvestella - Square Enix's blockbuster farm and combat game

Based on some reviews from gamers, Harvestella owns a very large farming area, along with many factors that affect the productivity of gamers such as weather, climate…. with that is the appearance of production plants, promising to bring diverse experiences in farming and breeding of players.

However, the revelations of Square Enix did not mention the combat element in the game, but according to the publisher’s share, gamers can freely create the fighting method to their liking. .

Harvestella - Square Enix's blockbuster farm and combat game

The world of Harvestella is presented as extremely vibrant and colorful, where 4 giant crystals are called Seaslight, which helps to stabilize the 4-season climate. However, the story of the game gradually becomes complicated when the Seaslight system shows signs of becoming unstable, causing death to appear and the creatures of death known as Quietus.

Harvestella - Square Enix's blockbuster farm and combat game

As expected, Harvestella will be officially released on November 4, 2022 and right now, the game has opened pre-registration right on the Steam.g game trading platform.

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