Good news: ‘Raphinha 2.0’ will move to OTF next week at ‘historical price’

Arsenal will send scouts to watch Luiz Henrique play for Real Betis against Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Europa League the following week, as reported by journalist Dean Jones. The match is scheduled to take place in the following week.

The Brazilian winger, who is 22 years old, is held in very high regard in La Liga. Many people believe that he possesses the ability to become one of the best players in the world in the years to come because he has already played for the Beticos in 30 games across all competitions during this season.

Jones says that Arsenal is considering signing him to their team.

A journalist asserts that Arsenal will watch Luiz Henrique play for Manchester United at Old Trafford the following week.

According to ABC Sevilla, Henrique attracted interest from Manchester United and Arsenal in the month of January. This information comes from a report. According to the source, they were the ones who were responsible for sending scouts from the two English teams to watch the Brazilian play. It was reported that Arsenal and Manchester United were competing with one another in a bid for Henrique during the winter transfer window, but no agreement was reached between the two clubs.

Jones claims that Arsenal is still interested in acquiring the services of the talented Brazilian player. The book Complete Football Analysis describes him as a winger who is “almost difficult to defend” against.

The writer claims that several teams, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Aston Villa, and West Ham, will be watching the game on Thursday at Old Trafford to see how the player performs when competing against those teams.

Jones published an article on GiveMeSport with the title “Arsenal will scout £35m Brazilian at Old Trafford next week.” In the article, Jones stated the following: “Arsenal, Aston Villa, and West Ham are expected to be among the English top-flight teams keeping an eye on the games to judge his current levels with a view to a future transfer pursuit.”

There is talk that Henrique, who is 22 years old and is still working on maintaining consistency in his performances, may compete at the highest level. In the upcoming matches, we should get a better idea of how his development is progressing.

Henrique possesses a high level of athletic ability. He is a left-footed right winger by trade, and so far this season he has recorded three goals and five assists for Betis across all competitions in which they have participated. Additionally, this is the first season in which he has appeared for Betis in any capacity. He has made a total of 30 appearances for Betis throughout the course of his time there.

That shouldn’t come as much of a sᴜʀᴘʀɪsᴇ to you, but it is important to keep in mind that Henrique is still getting used to living away from Brazil and that this is his first season playing professionally in Europe. It is also important to keep in mind that this is Henrique’s first season playing professionally in Europe. Both of these things should be kept in mind because they are essential.

Because of his injury, Nabil Fekir will not be able to play for Betis, so it will be up to Henrique to carry the load against Manchester United the following week for the team to have any chance of advancing further in the competition. If Henrique is successful in doing so, Betis will have a chance to continue playing in the competition. Betis will be given the opportunity to keep competing in the competition if Henrique is successful in achieving this goal.

In the event that he accomplishes it, scouts from Arsenal are keeping a close eye on him, and the club may give serious consideration to acquiring his services over the course of the summer months.

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