Goat Simulator 3 brand new trailer with fierce pranks from goats

Although never released part 2, Goat Simulator 3 still promises horror games for the gaming community.

The launch of Goat Simulator 3 was an extremely unexpected news for the gaming community because the game’s developer never released Goat Simulator 2 chief. In addition, the theme of Goat Simulator 3 will continue to bring gamers to the jubilant antics of the goats, making the gaming community anxious to experience the game as soon as possible.

And to know how fun Goat Simulator 3’s pranks are, the game’s latest trailer will give gamers a better overview of these goats’ dirty pranks.

Not only that, according to some sources received, part Goat Simulator 3 will be a co-op game with up to 4 people in a team, allowing players to experience in a world Sandbox huge.

The trailer also somewhat clearly shows the features that will appear in Goat Simulator 3, because the goats can completely run and jump, bang their heads comfortably, even wear jetpacks to move more quickly. The interesting thing is that not only goats, but gamers have the ability to control other animals such as sharks, rhinos….


The goats do not only have activities to disturb people, because in addition they will have new entertainments including soccer, racing, meditating, …. How much will the city suffer when the goats are constantly raging like this.

As expected, Goat Simulator 3 will be released on November 17 at the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store platforms. However, gamers still wonder if Goat Simulator part 2 will be released in the future or is this just a joke from the developer?

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