Genshin Impact Training Flashback event guide

Phase 2 of the Genshin Impact 2.8 version has arrived and comes with an extremely interesting event. Let’s take a look at the details of this event so as not to miss the primeval.

Genshin Impact 2.8 has opened a new event at Golden Apple Island called Training Recollection. Players will now have to coop with each other to overcome 6 challenges and bring back over 400 Origin Stones and other items.

1. Event introduction

Event details

Every day, a new challenge will be unlocked. To participate in the event, players need at least AR 32 or higher and have completed the previous Golden Apple Island event. In addition, they also need to complete the quest “Is there an Unsolved Mystery?” to be able to attend this event.
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Battle Flashback 1

The event period will last from August 4 to August 15, 2022. Currently, players can only attend 2 events. You will be able to get rewards at the end of the challenge at 150, 250 and 500 points.


– 420 Primal Stones
– 12 Heroic Experience
– 240000 Mora
– 24 Magic Minerals Cast
– 24 character endowment upgrade materials
– Experience

Challenge list

There will be 3 types of challenge challenges that players need to complete in this event, including: Landing Challenge, Strike Challenge and Protective Challenge.

Strike Landing

Battle Flashback 2

The Landing Challenge will require the player to travel across the Floating Rocks and fight enemies, while also having to land on the surface of the sea within the time allotted. The player needs to take down all the enemies in order to complete the challenge.

Landing Assist will spawn on a floating rock platform. Once picked up, it will change the properties of the Floating Stone Platform and aid in the challenge.

Strike Strike

Battle Flashback 3

In this challenge, the player needs to control the Wind Boat to quickly move to the specified sea area in the allotted time, set foot on the floating rock and defeat all enemies.

Protection Challenge

Battle Flashback 4

In this challenge, the traveler needs to protect the Drift Rock. During this time you will have to escort the raft to its destination and not let it be destroyed.

The Rock Raft will have 4 parts and can be destroyed by enemies, besides it will also consume Drift Energy, running out of mana will no longer be able to move. The player needs to pick up the Repair Kit and Energy to replenish and repair the raft.

2. Top best characters

Here are some of the best characters to take part in this challenge, the Wind characters will be more beneficial as most of these characters possess pretty good monster gathering ability, thereby making the destruction they are easier.

Because of that, Kazuha, Sucrose and Venti are pretty good characters to participate in the player’s coop, so don’t ignore these characters. Besides, prioritize your main DPS to make finishing the opponent easier, not necessarily using Wind-type characters. Good luck!
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