Genshin Impact: Top 5 most popular characters in the land of Sumeru

Sumeru 3.0 and the new cast of characters in this land have been revealed for a while, and it didn’t take long for the community to express their love for each character.

After a long wait, Genshin Impact recently officially introduced the characters in the upcoming Sumeru land. After the teaser trailers and a series of leaked events, the Sumeru characters have received a lot of attention from players and also attracted a series of fans.

Here are the top 5 most popular characters in the land of Tue.

5. Tighnari

Top 5 most loved Sumeru characters 1

Tighnari is a 5-star character who uses a bow as his main weapon. In addition, this guy will be the first Grass-type character that the player can get from the Genshin banner. No wonder this guy is among the most loved characters in this land.

4. Dehya

Top 5 most loved Sumeru characters 2

Although there is little information about this girl, the jungle version of Beidou has gained a large fan base even before its debut. Although her gameplay leaks are less than the other names on the list, her visuals make up for this shortcoming.

More than 90% of the information confirms that she is a 4-star character. This can be a good point because 5-star characters are always hard to get, especially vegetarian players aka F2P

3. Cyno

Top 5 most loved Sumeru characters 3

Of the Sumeru characters that have been revealed, Cyno is the first to be shown to the player. Fans discovered this guy a long time ago, around September 2020 in Teyvat Chapter Storyline. He also appears in several chapters of the official Genshin Impact manga.

After quite a while of waiting, fans were extremely looking forward to this guy when they learned that Cyno will most likely appear at banner 3.1.

2. Alhaitham

Genshin Impact: Top 5 most popular characters in Sumeru 4

It’s not a joke when Al Haitham is one of the most loved Sumeru characters at the moment. Once known as “Su expy”, he now makes players feel even more excited when appearing in Sumeru this time.

Possessing an addictive “VTTT” appearance for both male and female gamers, it is certain that this guy will be one of the most profitable Sumeru characters when released.

1. Nilou

Top 5 most favorite Sumeru characters 5

Nilou top 1 is not too surprising considering her beautiful design. Besides, she is also focused on the plot quite a lot because she went against the tradition of the country and chose the current career.

You can find a lot of her fans on the internet. What’s more, she won’t be appearing in 3.0’s banner right away, but her kit has been leaked in its entirety. It is not known whether she will appear with Cyno or not, but the fact that this Thao dancer is popular with many players is indisputable.

Bonus: Kusanali

Of course, Thao Than will also be loved by a part of players. But if you compare the level of mention in forums as well as fanart works, this 500-year-old loli still doesn’t have the same coverage as the characters above. However, there is still a part of fans who eagerly look forward to each day to bring this girl to their team.

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