Genshin Impact: Top 12 NPCs that leave an indelible impression on players (Part 2)

During the journey around Teyvat, there are NPCs with extremely memorable storylines that make you remember once you meet them.

Genshin Impact has a large world with many NPCs with interesting storylines and in this article JustbartaNews will continue to point out 6 NPCs with impressive storylines that players in the community will always remember forever.

Nadia & Vlad

The two are employees of Northland bank located in Liyue but in essence it is a bank under Snezhnayan’s management. In it, Vlad is the watchman in the morning and Nadia is the watchman at night.

One day by chance, Nadia dropped the letter she sent to her brother at the bank right after her shift. At this time, Vlad picked up and misunderstood that this letter was for him and left a reply. After that, the two became friends by letter and wrote each other greetings every time they came to their shifts even though they had never met. In Genshin Impact version 1.3, Nadia and Vlad met at the Lantern Ritual event. The two have a day off to enjoy the festival, but they still don’t recognize each other even though when they meet, they both feel something very familiar.

After that, the Travelers together promoted this love and it was not until Genshin Impact 2.4 that the two really watched the fireworks festival together and made a wish. In it, Nadia wishes to watch the fireworks with her friends through her letter, and Vlad wishes to watch the fireworks again with Nadia.


Taroumaru Is the first character you meet when entering the Komore Teahouse and has the nickname of the owner of this place. The first impression that players feel is that this is a very cute NPC even though he doesn’t say much. But this is a very impressive and memorable NPC in the hearts of players.

Besides, Taroumaru also has the ability to understand human language, but because he cannot speak, he cannot express his thoughts to others. Right now, only Gorou can translate Taroumaru’s barking so that everyone can understand.


Ruu is a boy who has lived for thousands of years in Tsurumi. Ruu loves his roommates very much and he also has a beautiful voice but it seems that Ruu is quite embarrassed about this. That’s why he often hides in the mist to sing alone. This attracted a thunderbird to listen to Ruu’s singing. After that, the two became friends and promised each other that they would see each other again in the future. Ruu named the thunderbird Kanna Kapatcir.

Then, suddenly, the situation of the people on Tsurumi island became worse, and Ruu’s friends left the island together to go to the open sea to find a new land. Ruu wished to be able to bring everyone back, so he sacrificed himself to Kanna Kapatcir. But when Kapatcir turns around and finds Ruu dead, the thunder bird gets angry and curses the whole island and kills the whole island. It also cursed the whole village to suffer this painful devastation forever.

However, with the help of the Traveler, Ruu sings once more and calms Kapatcir’s pain and breaks the curse. After the quest is complete we can no longer see Ruu anywhere


Teppei is known as a member of the Swordfish Team 2 and met the NLH when he was looking to the Sangonomiya army to find out the conflict between the Shogun and the people of Watatsumi. Even though he is just an ordinary human, he has a desire to prove his strength. He volunteered from his logistics position to go out into the battlefield to fight the Shogun’s army.

Kazari or Hanachirusato

Kazari is a character that accompanies the player during the Quest for the Cherry God Sacrifice. Originally a shrine maiden with a fox mask. She guided NLH together to purify the Cherry Blossom Tree on Narukami Island.

After completing the mission, we learn that she is the last consciousness of Kitsune Saiguu – the White Fox who raised Yae Miko and is a close friend of Raiden Ei. At her last moment, she asked Dark Will to take her body and mind but let go of her memories. With the remnants of memories it deposited on the ground with the remaining strength it created Hanachirusato or kazari.At the end of the mission, Kazari slowly fades away leaving the player with her fox mask and she calls NLH the Chosen One. Share

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