Genshin Impact: Top 12 NPCs that leave an indelible impression on players (Part 1)

The NPC characters of Genshin Impact also play a significant role in the game’s plot, thereby receiving the love of a large part of gamers of this game.

Not only the main characters, but Genshin Impact also owns a large number of NPCs that make a strong impression on the gaming community. With a special personality, playing an important role in the plot, … also shows the huge investment of Hoyoversewhen turning NPCs can also become shining during the gamer’s quest.See also: Genshin Impact: How to play the Grass-based Traveler with the strongest equipment build direction and the Holy Relic

In today’s article, Lagvn will review the 12 most notable NPC names, especially loved by gamers since Genshin Impact was released so far.



Fortunately, after completing this mission, the Traveler also knows that Dunyarzad is still at peace, an ending that is not considered good. Also through the plot this time, it has partly helped the gaming community to have more sympathy for Dunyarzad, knowing that she is a girl full of doubt, always trying to live a positive life despite her time. she is not much anymore.



Binh Lao Lao (Ca Tran Lang Thi Chan Quan)


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