Genshin Impact: Test 3.1 server-side Mod leakers put Among Us in the damage test with Nilou

With Genshin Impact’s test server updated to 3.1, however, it seems that the game’s security is so poor that leakers can use both private servers according to this test and even mod characters and games. monster in the game.

More specifically, the Kira account has shared a series of test videos of 3 new characters including Cyno, Nilou and Candace coming in the next 3.1 update. It seems that this is just a leak from Hoyoverse’s Test server, but these videos are all shot from a private server and there is an update that follows the genuine test server of NPH.

As the video shows, all hilichurl monsters have their Models changed to characters in Among Us. Even Bennett’s skill icon has been changed to this game’s image (and the icon is pretty cool). Although the video reveals Nilou’s skill with pretty terrible damage, of course we will focus on these more important “sideline” details.

This is actually not the first time that character model mods have appeared in Genshin Impact ever. Most hackers were able to use all the character models included in the game to change to their main character. Changing the model of other NPCs has not been done or is too rare.

If we could really tweak the models of other NPCs/monsters, we’d be able to put a lot of other funny models into Genshin Impact (only on the test server, of course) and have a bunch of funny collab gameplay like that. like Left 4 Dead 2 and many other famous games are still alive and well thanks to these character model mods.

Back to Hoyoverse, after a lot of very serious updates and leakers showing how to upgrade the basic security of the test server, Genshin Impact seems to have remained unchanged in time. over time and hackers will continue to take advantage of these vulnerabilities to entertain the gaming community or gain something they want before miHoyo seriously solves this problem.

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