Genshin Impact: Sumeru Hidden Quest Guide

A pretty good hidden quest that you may not have known about during your exploration of the mysterious Sumeru land.

The newest land of Genshin Impact has brought a lot of hidden quests for players to explore, with many of these missions providing gamers with a lot of Origin Stones. In this article, Lagvn will guide you through a hidden mission that you may not know about in the process of discovering a new land because it requires you to perform a certain action.

Mission Surprise Encounter with Precious Birds It won’t take you too long, though you’ll need to do some mandatory Sumeru quests to do this. However, it’s worth it as it will give you a decent amount of Primers and other items.

Get Quest

First, move to the location as shown on the map (blue arrow).

After that, shoot down the Mushroom Pig that has a white light spot on its butt as shown in the image below. At this point you will talk to an NPC that has just appeared and is also the time when you receive this quest. You best use Aloy because this character’s talent will help you a lot during the quest.



You can watch the video below to make it easier to follow the task, you will in turn move to 3 locations to “shoot the bird” properly. Good luck with this hidden mission. And prepare a squad with good damage because you will have to face some enemies, typically Emerite during the mission.

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