Genshin Impact: Leaker Revealed Character Banner and Weapon Version 3.0 – All Notable Bow-Type Characters

Except for the 5-star Rerun character Zhongli, the remaining characters in the Character Banner in the first half of the 3.0 Genshin Impact update have been leaked by the leaker early so that everyone can prepare to stock up on primeval stones early.


According to leakers Ubatcha and Blank, the character and weapon banners in the first half of Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update will be officially announced soon. Accordingly, the character banner this time will include:

  • Zhongli (Rerun)
  • Tighnari (5 Stars of Grass type)
  • Collei (4 Stars of Grass type)
  • Fischl (4 Lightning Stars)
  • Diona (4 Meteors)

According to the new banner review, this will be a suitable banner for beginners when there is a super shield-generating Daddy and the first 5-Star Thao-type Tighnari of the game comes out. Although Tighnari will still appear in the regular banner, those who want to get him should roll this banner (because the regular banner still has a very low output rate).

Besides, the remaining 3 4-star characters are all quite worth taking and suitable for the Thao play style in the near future. With Collei will be given 1 character for free when entering Sumeru, Lightning type Fischl will support the effect with Thao very well, in addition, Diona can increase the mastery for the whole team will also be a shield support character / very good heal/damage in the future.

In addition, the new weapon banner will include 2 types of 5 Stars as follows:

  • Hunter’s Road (Tighnari Town): Get 12% buff to all elemental damage. After the heavy hit hits the enemy, the effect “Endless Hunting” will be obtained: Increases the damage dealt, the additional damage is equivalent to 160% Elemental Mastery. This effect will disappear after applying 12 times or after 10 seconds. “Endless Hunting” is activated once every 12 seconds max.=#99ffffff>=#99ffffff>
  • Ning Shen (Zhongli Town): Shield effectiveness increased by 20%. For 8 seconds after hitting, attack increases by 4%. Stacks 5 floors, every 0.3s can only be cast once. Also, when protected by a shield, attack efficiency increases by 100%.=#99ffffff>=#99ffffff>

Regarding the Weapon Banner, the True God Spear is not a powerful weapon that everyone can use. With Hunter’s Path as the town for Tighnari, those with the Endless Sigh Bow can also use Tighnari very well or can use many other 4-star weapons for temporary use. This weapon banner can completely skip without fear of weakness or missing power at all.

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