Genshin Impact: Gamers will receive up to 16,000 Origin Stones through version 3.0

With version 3.0, Genshin Impact gamers will be able to get themselves no less than 16,000 Primal Stones

Version 3.0 of the Genshin Impact is coming very close and players will have the opportunity to accumulate a lot for themselves Primordial Stone as soon as this update is released. Here is a whole new land named Sumeru will be added, along with a series of puzzles and extremely attractive bonus chests for gamers to explore.

Not to mention that Sumeru will be a land of the main plot of Genshin Impact, not a limited time area like Golden Apple Island, so gamers can fully use their spare time to explore. comfortable, do not worry about the problem of time.

In this article, Lagvn I will go through all the ways to get a huge amount of Raw Stones that version 3.0 gives gamers. Those methods include:

  • Update Bonus and Bug Fixes (600 Origin Stones)
  • Daily Trust (2100 Yuan Stone)
  • Journey Diary (Reward of Predestined Love and 800 Prime Stones)
  • Tinh Huy and Tinh Tran Shops (5 Relationships of each type, total value of 1600 Nguyen Thach)
  • Luo Huan Shen Jing (reset 2 times, a total of 1200 Origin Stones)
  • New Quest Series (500 Origin Stones)
  • Exploring Sumeru (1500 Prime Stones)
  • Upgrading the Seven Heavenly Idols (540 Primal Stones)
  • Upgrade the Tree of Dreams (20 Relationships and 10 Relationships worth 4800 Prime Stones)
  • Events in the version (2260 Primordial Stone)
  • Character Trial (80 Primordial Stones)
  • Daily attendance bonus on Hoyolab (60 Prime Stones)
  • Code Livestream Genshin Impact 3.1 version (300 Prime Stones)

With such rewards, a player who doesn’t spend too much money on the game will be able to get 16,340 Origin Stones in version 3.0 of this Genshin Impact. However, there are some rewards that will be in the form of Relationship Relationship and Relationship of Relationship, which will be converted into the corresponding amount of Primeval Stones.

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After all, the player’s plowing of the Primal Stone is only for the sake of character and weapon gacha.

One note is that the game will still have its own events outside of Genshin Impact’s website, so the number of Origin Stones is likely to be more than the estimate of this article.

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