Genshin Impact: Gamers will have the opportunity to receive 1 more Collei completely free in version 3.1

In addition to a Collei given at the 3.0 event, Genshin Impact gamers will also have the opportunity to receive another Collei at the upcoming 3.1 version.

Collei is Genshin Impact’s first 4-star Thao-type character and officially appeared right after version 3.0 was updated, and she is also a character that will be given completely free in the launch event of Genshin Impact. the vast land of Sumeru.

With a skill set that can quickly level Thao, simple sup DPS gameplay, Collei will definitely be one of the necessary characters for gamers to explore Sumeru in the near future. Currently, gamers will be able to get the Collei completely free through Genshin Impact’s Sumeru-related event system, as well as through the current limited character banner.

However, according to the latest revelation from the leaker, in version 3.1 of Genshin Impact, gamers will have the opportunity to receive 1 more completely free Collei.

Specifically, in updated version 3.1, if gamers can complete La Hoan Tham Canh 4th floor, room 3, they will immediately receive a completely free Collei. This is a case somewhat similar to Xiangling, where you only need to complete the 3rd floor, room 3, to get it.

This is good news for new Genshin Impact gamers, as you’ll be able to own a Grass-type character from the very early stages of the game. The conditions for completing La Hoan Tham Canh are not too difficult and players only need 2 mid-range squads to be able to overcome. Of course, these are just leaked information and to be able to confirm, gamers will have to wait for the latest announcements from Hoyoverse during the version 3.1 livestream to know. Share

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