Genshin Impact fandom goes crazy over… Albedo’s thighs

It is not known whether accidentally or intentionally, but Mihoyo has created a wave of excitement in the hearts of Genshin’s fans in general and Albedo in particular, similar to how they did with Mr. Dat Childe.

The best alchemist in the present Teyvat – Albedo is known for his artistic abilities as well as his talent in the field of alchemy. This character appears in the game with a pair of high boots, long socks, and shorts. Usually, his socks will cover the skin between the shorts and the boots. But just now, Hoyoverse posted an official art on their Bilibili account to celebrate 13 million followers. In the work, Klee and Albedo sit on the sofa with clothes without socks, revealing a piece of skin.

Fandom immediately responded to this “invitation” in a shocking way. Albedo trended on Twitter on Monday and his name has surpassed 27,000 tweets as fans keep posting new fanarts, collages or even memes about his thighs this guy. One Reddit user also likened that the Genshin fandom is now like Victorian men when they see women’s ankles. Here are some typical works of the community.

Author: Tameksi


Author: KaguraTK07

Comparing the response level of the community, Albedo’s thighs can be called Mihoyo’s Sumeru introduction livestream is still very young. All information about Sumeru, Luo Huan or events became blurred before Albedo’s thighs. One can’t help but feel that Hoyoverse has an awareness of what they’ve done with their works. Just last month, the community had an uproar because of Heizou’s official art with the content of a guy sitting on a tree, blushing and opening his mouth. A few weeks ago, another official art piece featured Childe unbuttoned, all of which ignited the fandom’s appetite. Even the phrase えっちベルト (Ecchi Belt) has become one of the most searched phrases in Japan.

Perhaps, this is also a marketing campaign for these characters when, thanks to the desire that the community creates, the revenue of these character banners if rerun will be much better.See also: Genshin Impact: Updates 3.0 to 3.2 will be officially withdrawn to 5 weeks and the accompanying character banners

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