Genshin Impact: “Dog Sword” and the best weapon series for Diluc in version 2.8

Diluc is still one of the stable Fire DPS characters in Genshin Impact and is still a name that many gamers trust to this day.

Although not as popular as before, but Diluc is still a stable DPS character in Genshin Impact, with massive sustained damage and area damage. Of course, with the help of supporting characters, Diluc will also contribute to completing all the contents of Genshin Impact with ease.

However, in addition to the supporting factors, choosing the right weapon is also an extremely important thing to be able to help Diluc to deal more damage. So what are the most suitable weapons for Genshin Impact’s first Fire DPS character? Let’s find out with lagvn right in this article.

The Wolf’s End

This is a weapon that is considered a “sovereign” for Diluc and is also one of the 5 weapons that you can completely “misalign” to own. Thanks to the massive increase in Attack, players can completely focus more on other important stats for this character such as attack rate or destructive damage,….

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In addition, the passive of this weapon also increases ATK by 20% (refined 1) and grants allies 40% ATK for 12 seconds if the enemy is below 30% Health. This much is enough to see that Wolf’s Dead is an extremely versatile great sword for Diluc, which can both attack and also support increased damage for the whole team.

Chainsaw Breaking Thach Knife

A weapon that is quite suitable for Diluc as well as almost every character using Genshin Impact’s heavy sword. Thanks to the stat line that increases up to 88.2% of shock damage, it is enough to see that this is a pretty “prestige” weapon. Although the passive damage increase of normal attacks and heavy attacks based on defense stats is not really suitable for Diluc, the amount of explosive damage available is enough to make up for this character somewhat.

Sword of Bones

Sword of the Bones is an option used by many “goldfish” players for Diluc when it can be obtained through the game’s Battle Pass. With the main stat line is the rate of attack and the passive increase damage is very suitable for most people to use any heavy sword. However, there is a disadvantage of this weapon that you have to minimize being attacked, because each time you are attacked, you will lose 1 stack and this reduces the output damage. go see.

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To overcome this drawback, gamers can completely use shield-making characters such as Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Thoma … to avoid losing valuable stacks.

Sword of Wukong

Although not many people like to own this great sword, Wu Gong is still an extremely powerful weapon for Diluc. With a large amount of attack and the passive increase in damage with normal attacks is also what makes Diluc’s output damage incredibly strong. But if using Wu Gong, the player needs to have a shield-making character, for example, Zhongli to ensure that he can make the most of the amount of attack it gives.

Heaven is Not Arrogant

With the main line increasing Elemental Loading Efficiency, not many people think that this is one of the extremely suitable weapons for Diluc. With a passive that increases damage done by 8%, launching a blade that deals 80% of damage to enemies along the way (refined 1) is enough to help Diluc get an extremely stable output of damage.

That’s not the end, because with the main stat increasing the bonus efficiency, it is no longer completely normal for you to see a Diluc holding the Pride of Heaven and “spam” the wrath skill continuously.

Vu Tai

The weapon is almost impossible for any character to use well, except for Diluc. If you don’t have any better options, Vu Tai also helps Diluc Vapor’s squad deal a lot of damage. With the bonus elemental mastery and increased damage to enemies affected by the element of Water and Lightning, Diluc will have stages of Vapor reaction with extremely impressive damage. However, the condition is that you have to add a character that can grant the Water seal fast enough, most typically Yelan and Xingqiu, to be able to optimize Vu Tai.

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