Genshin Impact: Check out 4 tips that gamers need to grasp to explore Sumeru more simply

Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact is updated, players will have to spend time to explore this land and surely the following tips will help you comfortably experience the land of Thao Than much simpler.

After a long wait, now the gaming community Genshin Impact was able to set foot in the giant Sumeru land in version 3.0, with many mysteries waiting for players to discover.

However Sumeru is an extremely large land, along with a series of new features, so players will need to have a certain amount of knowledge to be more comfortable in exploring the entire land of Sumeru. Also in this article, Lagvn will review some tips so that gamers can experience Sumeru exploration smoothly in version 3.0.

There should be at least 1 Thao-type character in the squad

In Sumeru, there will often be buildings and agencies with much more strange mechanisms than in other areas. At this point, gamers will have to use elemental Beautiful to affect them. In addition, if the player enters the Dead Zones, the gamer will need a Thao character to explore more comfortably.

The Thao element reactions are very strong

Although it has just been released, the reactions of the Thao element have shown their power, so taking advantage of these reactions when experiencing Sumeru is absolutely necessary.

Pressing Four Cards will help you move faster while exploring Sumeru

Due to the area Sumeru Due to the difficult terrain, Hoyoverse has added the Four-Leaf Press feature, with the ability to allow gamers to move through the terrain extremely quickly. If you see these Four-Card Seals, you will quickly take advantage of them to move, both quickly but also limit the consumption of too much stamina.

Capture the mechanics on the map of Sumeru

As mentioned above, Sumeru will own many unique mechanisms, such as the Pile of the Leaves and the Four-Leaf Seal, the Three-Shaped Object,… Also for this reason, if you want to solve the problems. Sumeru’s puzzles, opening bonus chests or searching for Herb Prodigies, you shouldn’t miss the game’s instructions on Sumeru.

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