Genshin Impact: After a week, how is the revenue from the Tighnari banner?

Tighnari’s debut since the official version 3.0 was updated has encountered many difficulties, but will that affect the banner sales of this first 5-star Thao character?

Version 3.0 It is also the time when a new land is named Sumeru officially launched and this is also the time when the element Thao officially appeared in the game with a very special role. In the first half of this version Genshin Impact also added the first 5-star Thao-type character – Tighnari in the banner, accompanied by the famous Nham Vuong De Quan – Zhongli.

And after a while at the server Genshin Impact Officially, the sales of the double banner Tignari and Zhongli have also been officially revealed. According to a post by a Reddit user, Tighnari and Zhongli’s twin banners are currently ranked 11th out of all banners released so far.

After this image was published, the Genshin Impact gaming community was not surprised when this double banner had a relatively “stable” revenue compared to what they had previously thought. Specifically, when there are rumors that Tighnari will be the first 5-star Thao-type character to appear in the regular banner at version 3.1 and this also means that when gamers are “rate divergence” in the limited banner will have a chance to get Tighnari. However, if the fact that Tighnari appears in the banner often becomes a reality, the list of characters appearing in this banner will likely be extended in the future, so getting Tignari is not an easy thing.

Therefore, even though many people decide to “skip” Tighnari, there are still many gamers who decide to “all hands” to get this character on their squad. Not to mention the reactions of the Thao system are showing a great influence on the meta of the game, so the value of the Thao-type characters becomes more important than ever.

In addition, some gamers also said that the reason why this double banner has such a stable revenue is also due to the appearance of Zhongli. It’s been quite a while The King of Flames arrivesn has been one of Genshin Impact’s most powerful shield-making characters, always appearing in many squads and helping players overcome many of the game’s most difficult content, typically La Hoan Tham Canh.

It can be seen that although it is a character that causes a lot of controversy when it is possible to fall into a regular banner like Tighnari, this DPS character is still very much loved by a large number of gamers. With a gameplay that favors weight and the rise of reaction Growth, Spread Tighnari’s attraction to gamers is not low compared to the imagination of many others. Share

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