Genshin Impact – 2nd birthday event time and leaked gifts

The 2nd birthday event is coming and the leakers are also working at full capacity to know what are the gifts that Genshin impact will give to the community?

When is Genshin Impact’s 2nd birthday?

Genshin Impact’s 2nd birthday event will be released on September 28, 2022 at the same time as update 3.1, and players will also celebrate Ayaka’s birthday.

According to leaked information, this year’s birthday event will be called Weinlesefest and take place in Monsdtadt. Accordingly, in European countries, Weinlesefest is an event to celebrate the harvest of grapes for wine production.

What gifts will Genshin Impact’s 2nd birthday have?

Until now, Hoyoverst will bring back the login event to receive gifts within 7 days. Maybe there will be 10 rolls and a few other gifts. The Weinlesefest event will give the player a primeval stone and a 4-star long-handled weapon. 1 event clear monster named Hyakunin Ikki. Accompanied by the Shadow of the Ancients rerun event.

The above information is still only leaked information and may not be accurate, so readers should also consider the following information for reference.

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